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  1. we live together and have done fir three years. The money was borrowed for living expenses. The kids dad lives 70 miles away and visits about once every 3 weeks
  2. hi iv been in a relationship cor about 5 years. we have a really loving relationship and he is a fantastic step dad to my kids from a previous marrage. we have had our ups and downs but last year was really hard with work issues, a death in the family etc etc. I found out in january that he had been talking to other women online. the conversations were sexual in nature and hed did send images of himself naked to one girl. we talked it over and agreed to give things another go. At the time i asked him if there was anything else i needed to know. i found out yesterday he has ran up a few debts. in fairness its not a massive amount and can be sorted with some juggling of things but he has taken out loans etc without telling me. what would you advise. should i trust him again??????
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