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    Hey, everyone I'm not even sure why I'm posting here. I guess it's because over time, this site was my go-to place when I was struggling. Either way, I am seriously considering suicide tonight. I found my Oxy pills from my last surgery that I never used. I know this will put my family through so much pain, and knowing that makes me selfish. But I just can't anymore. I'm tired of feeling like a failure and that no one will ever want me. I hope death really is as peaceful as they say. Thanks for all posts.
  2. I've got one too. One of my sister's friends dated her boyfriend for a little over 4 years. I don't have the details as to why they broke up, but they did. They tried to remain friends, but after 2 months they both agreed that that would just complicate things. They went into NC and started dating other people. All together, they were apart for 3 years. I'm still not sure who initiated the contact, but when they finally began talking again - the girl describes - it was like they were meeting each other again for the first time. They have been back together for over a year and are now plann
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