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  1. Thank you everyone. I got all I can from the thread and no longer need any replies or any inputs. Thanks. can a mod please lock this thread?
  2. It’s not ego driven. Stop telling me what I’m feeling or just stop commenting altogether if I keep having to say no it’s not. I don’t care about your particular opinion.
  3. I see that I’m part of the problem! I said this in every reply I’ve made! I am not in denial, I know I caused this due to my insecurities. I never came on as if I was so confident and so careless or didn’t care. That was never a question. my question was did he move on or hurt? Because I needed to know, for my own mental and emotional well-being that I was so insignificant to him that he forgot me after a week. Or if he was hurt, just like I was hurting. I hope by now you know what I mean
  4. You don’t seem to grasp my problem. please don’t bother replying. Lock or delete this post.
  5. Oh sweetie I am willing to see. I’m in therapy every week, I’m on antidepressants, I seek God every day and I’m doing everything I can to get better. I’m on here with you kind loving people to try to get advice from others. I’m the one not sure why you don’t think current behavior isn’t caused by the past? That’s literally what all therapy is about. You discuss your childhood and past on the first session. You’re wrong there. I do take accountability, I left him because I knew he wasn’t invested and I knew I better not go down a bad long road of pain when I knew it would happen, or What you mean is take accountability of why I missed him? Well that’s it’s feelings. I can’t always help what I’m feeling and I couldn’t take accountability of my feelings. if you won’t advice me kindly why would I listen to it? I’m coming for advice it means I’m lost and feeling helpless, why wouldn’t you advice me kindly?
  6. I wasn’t going to read or reply and I posted that I got what I wanted from this thread but you all kept on commenting pretty harsh things. You should really be careful with your words because you don’t know who is on the other side. You say I’m playing games and manipulative, but it was anxiety and insecurity for being abandoned by my mother. So many of you said things like “he doesn’t care about you, you’re just a hookup, just a physical thing for him” when you’ve no idea about my own uncle sexually assaulting me and my own mother not caring. You’ve no idea what the weight of your words can do to someone. I don’t matter to you, I’m just a name on a screen and random words and you reply to hundreds daily because you are so perfect and never made mistakes in life. You knew nothing about me but in a span of hours you reshaped me in your mind as a manipulative game playing worthless woman who gets used for sex and no one could possibly care for her or love her. Always unloved and always thrown away. You’ve no idea about my history with self hate. My battles that cripple me and make push people away first before they get a chance to hurt me because I can’t possibly survive another heartbreak. I don’t have it in me. I’m spent. and by the way, this man chased me for weeks. I unmatched him and he looked me up on Facebook and wanted so bad to start something with me. He wasn’t perfect and he obviously has commitment issues, he’s 44 and haven’t had a serious relationship in a decade and never even lived with a significant other. It’s not all me throwing him away then regretting it. I said goodbye Bec I thought he wasn’t really emotionally invested, and I reached to him a week later because I missed him and felt like my soul was on fire and every hour felt like pure hell. anyway, maybe you should give the benefit of the doubt to people who come on here asking for advice. I never said I’m perfect. goodnight
  7. Thank you everyone for all your input. I got what I needed.
  8. Yeah you’re probably right
  9. No I didn’t expect any of that, but since it’s been barely a week and him and I weren’t even exclusive when I met the second guy I thought it doesn’t have to be over for good.
  10. Maybe! He’s not really the hookup kind though? He’s 44 and have been intimate with 7 women. I didn’t end up pursuing the other guy.
  11. I mean it’s been a week and I went on one coffee date, it’s not like I went and started a new life with a new guy and came back 6 months later. We didn’t even kiss. Also he was still using dating apps just like I was, I just found someone sooner. He’s not great at picking up women. I had in fact unmatched him when we first met and he found me on Facebook and contacted me a week later.
  12. So I’ve been dating this guy for about 6 weeks and I spent most weekends with him. We’ve been physical and it was a big part of the relationship honestly, but I felt like he still wasn’t opening up emotionally so I decided to end it and I told him I’m going to start seeing another guy and he said he understands. I tried to reach out about a week later and he wasn't so warm, he said he’s shocked to hear from me and asked what caused me to reach out to him. I asked him “are we done?” And he said “I assumed so when you told me you’re going out with that other guy”. So I said “do you mean you’ve moved on?” And he said “I did.” I didn’t send him anymore after that. Could he have really moved on that fast? In a week? Or is he upset and hurt? Thank you!
  13. Hello again! I’m not sure if you all still remember me! Just wanted to update (not sure everyone who replied to me even still checks in here) I’ve been in therapy for the entire last year and I’m doing so so much better. I learned a lot about myself. I look back and I feel sad for my old self, it’s hard to even reread my older posts. I’ve been dating for about 6 months and we are still not living together, I’m trying to make better decisions. He’s the best human. Also one last update. I unblocked my ex out of curiosity as I was feeling over it and guess what? They’re married, and she’s pregnant. He’s smiling with all teeth showing with her, unlike our couples photos that he was hardly even curling his lips for a smile. In a weird way I feel bad for him too, if he was that in love with her he should have tried to get back to her instead of date around, maybe he didn’t have the guts to tell her that, or admit he regretted the breakup. I wish he did, for all of us.. myself included. I’m so thankful for all the replies I got on here, even the harsh ones. It was so hard to see beyond my pain and my heartache. I think the colder he got the more I wanted to hold tight. Panic mode. I was jealous of the ex because I felt like she had a spell over his entire being, not just a sex thing. I hope you’re all doing well!
  14. So we broke up not long ago and guess what? They’re back together. Not ruminating, not throwing tantrums, just thought I’d update you on how the story ended, just in case another woman in my shoes stumbles upon this while looking for answers.
  15. Thank you so much, I wish you the best with this too and that you recover super fast and put it all behind you!
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