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  1. oh I ALREADY HAVE. i have them screen shotted, printed, saved to a usb, uploaded to google and stored in a hidden photo folder on my pc! I wasnt gonna let him delete it all and then deny it and call me crazy! But when i confront him and say i saw the emails i can prove it he just sayz nope he didnt do it that im crazy and setting him up. Or just yellz "i dont kbow what your talking about!" then leaves in his car for hours on end and comes home hoping i will act like the conversation never happened.
  2. Thats what im afraid of...my partner can NEVER be the bad one he is always.ALWAYS the victim. Im scared of what he will do and what he will say about me to everyone to make me the bad guy and him my victim? Hes an extremely good actor and people love him. His family hate me and will gang up to get him to try get custody of my daughter. I just wanted a happy normal life for once. I thought my party days are done and id had too many bad relationships i was ready 2 settle down. He appeared the same way. And get this...i used to cry on his shoulder abojt the last guy i dated b4 him because.he had been secretly seeing men as well! Prob why he wont open up to me because i said some horrible about him while i.was angry. But he should have not persued me knowing how i felt and what he wanted. So unfair.
  3. I swear your post gave me the chills..was like you read my mind. I have said nearly word for word to him what u wrote in attempts to speak about it and resolve the problems if possible or split up if not....but he FREAKS OUT. Just blatently denys any of it. Starts screaming about.me and.all the things he hates to deflect the fight onto another topic. I dont fall for it..i calmly say we have to deal with the topic i have first. It usually ends with him packing his bags and staying at a friends for a week then he comes home again and says sorry and acts like nothing ever happened. He just will not admit it Not even to himself. Its sad. But i cant stay here torturing my broken heart trying to make a man love me who obviously doesnt. Being.a single parent will suck so bad! But its better than living a lie.
  4. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I think i know deep down that im leaving him. I only stayed because of the baby and then because some seriously bad stuff happened in our lives and we needed each other for support. Im a very assertive person with anyone but him. Im always the one saying "BYE! Dont let the door hit you on your way out!". I just wanted this one to work..i finally took the risk to 110% be open honest and loving with a partner and truly share my life. We had a child! Im 40 he is 41.. i want another child and biologically dont have time to leave...recover from the heartbreak..find a new man and then wait til its appropriate to suggest a baby! Time is ticking. And i know he will hate me when i leave him and wont consider being friends who can have another kid together for my daughters sake ..i dont want her to grow up alone. We are both old parents ..she will need some family when we die. I am gonna try for a bub for maybe a few more weeks then tell him hes gone. And i may have worded it a bit unclearly..i havent actually proven hes slept wjth anyone while wjth me...but he has made attempts thru the website once or twice but i have no proof he did do it. He says be didnt and never would. Thinks im crazy 4 even being mad abt it. Which makes me madder! Shows no respect for me! And mostly denies it one day then admits it the next then denies.it again saying im crazy and making up abt him to sabotage our relationship and threatens to get custody of our baby due to my mental health ! GOD the more i tell you guys the more i hate his gutz!! Time for him to go! Now i gotta figure out how...hes a bad narcissist who goes from sweet man to evil psycho at the flick of a switch.
  5. Maybe that sounded harsh...but friends who are hitting on ya man are not friends they are trash. I had a few female friends who i thought were very loyal and bff sorta thing when younger and they did things to me i would NEVER do to anyone. Hurt me so bad i just gave up on ever getting that close to anyone ever again. But im emotionally damaged...i just hope this young girl can escape b4 she gets too hurt.
  6. WHAT THE HELL WOMAN..... GET OVER TO THAT GIRLS HOUSE! TAKE HIS PHONE WITH YOU....SHOW HER, ASK IF SHE IS THE SENDER OF THOSE TEXTS. Then smash the . And walk away and never speak to the low down no loyalty again. EVER. That is the reason i have no female friends, no close ones. Women are sly and it really hurts more to be hurt by a female mate than a male one i find. And most men cant be bothered being sneaky you just get what you see with most. If ya man has been playing up or encouraging her, walk away from him now too if you can. You deserve better!!!
  7. Okay...so my story is so twisted that I really dont have the time right now to explain it all. Basically, I KNOW I should have broken up with my partner many moons ago ...but that itself is another post entirely....so I will try keep this a short query... I keep finding my partner setting up profiles on a swingers site... i discovered the first profile while looking through his email one night trying to figure out what was up with him as he had been acting very very strange and kept disappearing and yada yada. I discover also that he had been on a personals site and responded via an email to a couple that had been advertising for a third person to join them in a threesome. I confronted him eventually and he denied sending the email, accusing me of hacking his email account and sending it myself to set him up. Could have murdered him when he accused me of his putrid behavior....actually i nearly did *sigh*. The reason I stayed was we had just had a baby ...and I hoped I could get over it and thought maybe he had been sex starved due to no sex at the end of the pregnancy. What ever..im good at denial. Then i discover he keeps logging onto a swingers site. I confront him...he says he was just on there looking for some friends of his that used to swing..he was cyber stalking them? But why? We are no longer friends with them who cares who they are screw ing? so i deactivated his account. Then the other day discover he has set up another one. He says he only has a profile to get on the site and look around. BUT WHAT IS HE LOOKING AROUND FOR? its a site purely for sexual meetups. And if you were setting up a fake profile ...why would you use your real info on the profile like height weight age birthday sexual interests etc? If it was a fake profile you would fill out bull yeah? A fake person? The thing that worries me is in this profile in the what are you looking for comment box it says "I am a straight male looking for a MMF threesome". Does everyone know the difference between a MFM and a MMF threesome? If you dont, look it up. See what him worried about? Hes never said anything to me about wanting to have sexual contact with other men?? ?? And in the email he sent that couple just after i had the baby he said "its been a while since i had my last ffm threesome and ive had one mmf threesome and im keen to do it again". so is my partner just experimenting ??? He insists he's straight. But straight guys dont want to get sucked off by other men do they? is this a regular thing for apparently 'straight' men to have liaisons with other men but still consider themselves straight because there was a woman involved in the sexual acts at the time? Why wont he admit to me he is bisexual?? And basically...I cant trust him. And realizing that he will never admit to what he has done or wants to do...well I dont feel I know him anymore. He knows im sexually adventurous so why hasnt he asked me for a threesome? im guessing because he wants to bang guys as well and knows i would not be ok with that. Now i feel like everyone is competition...men AND women! I have to leave him dont I? I already know it....so why do i stay? I love him. Hes a wonderful partner 80% of the time. Hes helpful around the house and hes a wonderful really involved father to our 18month old daughter who ADORES him to death. I feel trapped. I feel like his life wtih me was all an act....a cover for him being gay and wanting to live as a straight man because he's too scared to ever come out. What do you guys think i can do to get him to admit it? Maybe i should get a guy to hit on him and set him up. Mean...but effective. Any advice happily received....
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