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  1. Happy New Year everyone!! Just looking for others in a similar position or anyone whos willing to give their two cents as it were on this situation. I am a 27 year-old female, single..no job. No kids, nothing. I do however have two degrees under my belt, both in music, one which I got just 2 weeks ago (MA). I got the degree in the city where I moved in September 2018 and became a different version of myself ; my anxiety lessened as I became very sociable and generally just very busy compared to my quiet life in the country with my parents. I then became extremely unwell in May with what
  2. Aside from what seems to be IBS, these symptoms stayed a mile away from me as of August 2018 to now. Yep, as you've read, I am still a sufferer of HA but, I can honestly say I've had zero fever, cold, flu in 2019 except for one night where I had a temperature around mid Feb of this year. Cheers for the insight
  3. Should also mention that I've had constipation more so than d* these past few weeks which weirdly make me feel back to normal. Doc said 99.9% I DEFINITELY have ibs (glad as my parents yelled at me a fortnight ago saying it was all just in my head and there was no such thing as IBS which flared me up 100x more as I wasnt allowed to be in pain..) . Realised that before this, constipation/hard stools was the "norm" for me, even about a day before I took the medication, i think the initial shock was never experiencing d* unless I had a bug or fever etc.
  4. Sorry guys - really do appreciate the help, have read through all the comments and took advice(aaand some light offence ha!) and respect the honesty/suggestions in regards to my HA. Spoke to my doc two days ago who said I will be put on medication/counselling list SO LONG as the last test comes back clear but first they told me to wait for the referral call for a GI doc. May be coincedence but since my symptoms have slowly calmed down this week I am a different person - have had mild cramps every morning followed by using the bathroom then am seemingly fine with all the things I ate previo
  5. Should also mention that despite the horrible stools I had for a good 6 weeks after taking the medicine, it turned into a game of waking up dreading the day due to the pain/cramps/urges -I went home to my parents two weeks ago and I was an absolute MESS ; the journey was a nightmare and I had a row as they believe its "all in my head" and this took the entire thing from a 6/10 to a 8/10 and one morning the anxiety got so bad that my stomach turned and I rushed to the bathroom - I discard any "OOHH ITS JUST STRESS" cos as I say these symptoms struck ONE night after taking just one dose of the a
  6. Cheers for the insight guys - Im finding it hard to even explain to the docs these days my issues as I have slowly began to introduce foods into my diet again and have noticed things have calmed down .. buttt when I say calmed down Im constipated which for me feels very normal...basically not going for a day then the next going in "pieces" - its made me realise I probably have got some chronic condition as constipation on a regular basis is NOT normal. However, my diet before May 5th consisted of tomato curries with chilli, cumin, basil, garlic and couscous , pasta sauces and even jalapeno bas
  7. No colonoscopy - I went through a milder version of this last year after a near car crash and it eased when I changed my diet and have pushed the docs to do a further explore HOWEVER, I was more or less fine until the day I took the meds hence why I know its something which started as SOON as I started. Tomorrow Im having a discussion with the doc who gave me the go ahead for those previous tests, he told me its most likely IBS if ive faced it before (I have TERRIBLE health anxiety and have to confess this entire thing has had me INSANE due to worry) . Just glad I have no infection as I was sc
  8. I took some antibiotics(flucloaxillin) on May 5th, only 3 doses and have had a nightmare of a time with stress and what was clearly a complete destruction of good gut bacteria. The doctor handed them to me without ANY advice or warning and frustratingly I ended up getting my infection cleared with a very friendly external antibiotic gel. Im glad the infection cleared up as it was on my thumb but Ive suffered worse than I ever have and lost 11 pounds within 2 months. Im now in a weird place after a good weeks of bad bms* where Im back to my usual constipation but im still suffering loose stools
  9. I feel like "what goes comes around" is coming around as I literally can't stop thinking of him and will probably witness him happy with someone. But there is something which stops me from typing out a message and I think its instinct
  10. Katrina - thank you. You also noted that I have issues, so I know your response wasnt a dig or meant to be in any negative convict toward anyone. Appreciated..I didnt do things right but I know my gut instinct. Figureitout, you mentioned about me not mentioning it to him but I should have clarified WHEN I mentioned it to him - it was the day I ended things yep...but obviously I wasn't gonna mention it within our 5th or 6th date as I've been out the dating game a while and genuinely thought (and sadly STILL think) that me and him were compatible and that the hastiness was maybe just feeling
  11. I appreciate your response figureitout and don't doubt any of what you said EXCEPT for the fact that I DID communicate to him - shortly after I sat for an hour speaking of wanting solitude to focus on my 7k course I'm on , I explained to him that we had four dates within one week and that he was eager to call it official after barely 2 weeks - I told him I wasn't gonna speed into sex as I had a pregnancy scare years ago whilst living under the roof of two conservative parents - if thats not good communication (face to face!) then I don't know what is..if theres anything I wanted to be in this
  12. I appreciate the honest but nice responses - whats confusing me is why hes on my mind so much. Youre both right though, I've clearly got issues which need fixing. I also told him he had the right to be upset after I stopped things so suddenly. I cant stop thinking if hes thinking of me ..ugh
  13. 5 weeks ago I met a musician at a bar. We connected immediately and he asked me out for coffee. Que 4 or 5 very very good dates, we got to know eachother very well as we are both very chatty and open. We kissed very soon and I began staying at his place. After around 2 weeks he said "its fast. Its scary. But Ive seen you lots and I really, really like you..I..I told my friends and family about you and I..i can just see this going somewhere". I too felt intensely attracted, connected and very comfortable with him so went along with it until one night he asked me if i wanted to have sex (Im very
  14. I'd be offended by the remarks toward my anxiety/paranoia but in this case its in my favour and I hope my brain has gone on a field day and that this truly is nothing. I have another 24 hours to go apparantly until I can fully block him (48 not 24 hours apparantly) ..HOWEVER. I'm not dumb, I think if you guys saw how he said these things and some stuff he's written to me you'd understand. When I told him "I will report you if you dont stop" he said "for what? to whom?" so maybe hes just as confused unless he's playing dumb..his profile name changed over the past year a couple of times and he h
  15. And "why did you unblock him?" may you ask well, I had to to tell him I'm in different city incase he truly is a freak and decided to visit
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