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  1. So i will get beat up by kangaroos then, who doesn't want a boxing match with one. How do you deal with the heat? I'm Swedish and visited Texas and i felt like i was about to die in that heat
  2. Haha, and get beat up by kangaroos and bitten by snakes and spiders? Now if people thought 2 hours was LTR, that would truly be LTR.
  3. Yeah trying to look for some groups all over right now. Im going to give it a shot(or well, several) and actually try to be social, something i've usually struggled with when it comes to things like this.
  4. Yeah, kinda annoyed at covid right now lol. Those are some great suggestions though, def gonna check that type of thing out. Tried to check if there's any decent volunteering here where i'd get to be social but nothing seems to really fit or be something i can do. Just gonna start putting myself out there a lot more and just jump at social opportunities.
  5. Totally true. I would go play hockey again but we're not allowed to play due to covid. I did some MMA at a place near here a few years ago and i know they are very social there so my plan for now is to simply start going there again, workout, socialize. Get myself a car again and find meetups, just find more social stuff to do.
  6. Yes, it's probably a form of escapism. I'm going to find something to do outside, at this point i dont really care that much what it is, as long as i actually meet people. Lol well i mean, i frequent the local supermarket and my home gym too, does that count? Kidding. I'm looking for LTR, i've somewhat changed my stance on marriage, i'm open to it but it's not my end goal, i just dont feel the need for a ceremony, a ring and a piece of paper. Cause in the end, married or not, LTR is not about that. I've filled the void in the past with short hookups with girls, which as i've gotten older i've grown tired of, really only looking for LTR. That's true, altough i dont mean to not show any interest, i often just run out of things to say or get uncomfortable. I totally agree with you that couples shouldnt be joined at the hip, i dont want that kind of relationship. Even if i'm not someone who currently does a lot of things with friends or go out i have a lot of things and projects i work on and enjoy my alone time(even though i get way too much of it right now). Where do you even get a life coach? I'm not even sure what that entails.
  7. Nah i know loneliness is not really a good advisor, it's just been my normal most of my life. I used to be pretty fit, stopped playing a few years ago and gained some weight. Should start working out again. I basically just added a pretty decent sized gut. Yeah i mean i work as a programmer and since it's also a big interest, i spend loads of time doing it, i practically live in front of my computer.
  8. That's true. I'm glad that worked out for you and i'm sure it would help me a lot to force myself in to social situations even if it makes me uncomfortable. It may have come off a bit like i'm all about outdoorsy stuff, but that's far from the case. My biggest interests in life are programming, ice hockey and games. None of which really helps me meet any girls. I've met a few girls who are way in to games, but never worked out in the end, this girl was one of them. Playing ice hockey there were ofc some girls around in the women's teams but i guess i wasnt social enough.
  9. No, i havent. I probably shouldn't say i have ADHD, cause i do not have a diagnosis. I fit all the symptoms and people have told me many times i seem to have some form of it. That is true. I do drive, i dont have a car currently though. But i should probably just buy one and start going out and about everywhere. I dont think it has to be more than an hour or two by car to the nearest hiking/outdoors venue.
  10. I actually know this, i guess this is where i fail though, cause i often get bored listening to most people speak and i have a bad attention span due to ADHD. I would love to join a hiking group, started looking around for one now but there doesnt seem to be any around here, that i've found at least
  11. I know an effort is required, i just dont know how to go about it. I dont think my conversational skills are poor once i get to know someone, but in between them being strangers to good friends, i find it very difficult.
  12. Nah it's more just a feeling i get. I'm in my 30s and i have no real friends. I have no family. Generally at jobs, at school, uni and other venues where there's been people i tend to end up being the social outcast or the person people least want to interact with.
  13. You're totally right, to me it just seems like i'm a generally unlikeable person.
  14. Well, i'm kind of introverted and i find it difficult to talk to people i dont know very well, it always seems like they get bored talking to me and i cant find something for us to talk about. I'm not scared to put myself out there, i just dont know what to do. Dating apps etc has not worked well for me, i do get matches and such but its extremely rare that it's actually anyone interesting or anyone who's interested back.
  15. I'm not very good socially, its difficult for me to open up to someone, which is a reason this has me feeling so much ***, cause i actually opened up for once, just to get stabbed in the gut.
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