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  1. I sadly think you're right, I've known for a while that it's probably the right thing to do but it's such a daunting move to make. I've previously said it feels like were just friends but she denies feeling that way, giving me hope, then goes right back to treating me horribly, hate being made to feel so confused all the time. I've been a doormat for too long I think!
  2. She has changed all round, we use to have a great relationship, so fun and loving. We'd go on date nights, spend time with family and friends ect but lately all she does is tell me I'm irritating her. I told her a while ago the way she's being all together is making me feel so unloved and she just tells me I'm being pathetic. I'm hoping to plan a little break away for the new year, hopefully she'll look forward to it. I'm just so confused.
  3. I really don't want things to end but the way she's distancing herself I wonder if that's what she wants? If I suggest councelling I know she'll reject it straight away!
  4. This is a difficult post to make however I really need some advice and guidance. For the past year my partner has not been interested in having sex or being intimate with me. We are a same sex couple, she use to be so close to me but now there's a giant wedge between us. If I try to ask her why there's a new excuse each time, either she's tired, has a headache, wants to play on her phone ect. There's always something, it's got to the point now where she gets so mad if I ask her why she's not interested in me anymore. I don't know what to do, I feel so ugly and unwanted. We have been together 4
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