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  1. So my ex and my sister are best friends and have been since before her and I dated. I haven’t heard from my ex, nor have I reached out since the day we broke up—-last Halloween 2016. Since the break up, she has slandered my name, spread our business, trying to poke at me through my sister and friends by asking if I wanted little s*** back like my community college student id a few days after I graduated from the university I transferred to. She’s had a boyfriend since our break up; they recently broke up and she had to move out of his and his mom’s house. So obviously, like anybody who has loved, she is going through the motions of a heart break. Well, Christmas Eve, my sister and I got into this huge fight that led into Christmas morning not being a Christmas morning. Later that evening, dinner was ready and I had asked my mom if she needed anything from the kitchen before I began making plates. She responded no but my ex and sister were about to come in and eat. In short, I told my mom hell nah, she isn’t welcomed in this house. My mom goes onto say she may not have anywhere to go or to eat for the night, let’s be decent people, blah blah blah. Had I not walked down stairs prior to, I would have run into my ex in my kitchen eating with my sister after not seeing or speaking to one another for a year and some change. She hasn’t been over here and hasn’t wanted to be over here since we broke up so idk why she would be oh so comfortable with wanting to be here on Christmas knowing I’d be home. What tf is up y’all? My initial reaction tells me everything I needed to know on my behalf—-I’m through and I don’t want any parts of it. But why would she be cool with being in a situation like that?
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