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  1. So I'm in a serious relationship with my boyfriend but we're long distance and dont really get to meet eachother more than once a month (if we're lucky). He's got two exes, which i am aware of, and is in touch with at least one of them texting/chatting, although (from what I've been told) not met in person for a long time. I've seen him on their instagrams (only) liking their pictures where a lot of skin is showing, and I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about that. We have kind of talked about it and even asked for a (guy)friends opinion on it. -They both think that it should be tot
  2. I have a boyfriend which I've been dating for over a year now and it's my first ever 'serious relationship'. His personality is very closed off (or at least that's what he's been saying); like he doesn't tell people (including me) about stuff that happens to him or what he often does. I'm aware of the 2 exes that he, in the earlier days of our relationship, used to still talk to and i naturally confronted him about it since i was curious on what was going on between them. We got into a pretty major fight about it and since then, for the past probably 8 months, we haven't even touched the subje
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