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  1. I'm not sure either, which is why I'm going to keep an open mind and not dive into any serious commitment with him, but he does deserve a chance. If in time he proves he can't give me what I need again then I know I'll walk away. Despite my feelings for him, I've been through enough to know what I want and deserve in a relationship and I won't settle for less.
  2. As of right now we are acting like nothing more than friends because I'm still thinking about it and he isn't pushing anything. I definitely got my closure finding out where is head is at, what his motives with the friendship were and what he was thinking/feeling while we were apart. I think I'm going to give him another chance. He was very genuine in the talk we had, apologized for a lot and said he is willing to work on everything we discussed. I was definitely happier with him than I was without him, so in my eyes it's worth another shot but I'm keeping my eyes wide open and taking things v
  3. Yes I think that's what I'm going to do, he does make me happy and if he's truly willing to make an effort then I think it's more than worth trying again. He sounded much more serious about us this time which was refreshing. Definitely going to take things slow and keep my eyes open.
  4. That's what I originally thought, but I just posted an update (see above response to Wiseman2)
  5. An update for everyone: I ended up texting him yesterday and asked him to meet up so that we could talk. I told him that since his feelings were gone for me (as far as I had last heard from when he talked to my friend) I couldn't jump into this friendship with him right away. I told him I thought I was over it, but each time we "hung out" lately I felt my feelings coming back and it was hurting me. I was completely expecting him to say "I'm sorry, yeah I don't have feelings anymore I was just trying to be friendly but I'll give you space." But no.... to summarize his words, his response was
  6. can I just ask, what do you honestly think his motives are based on his behavior the last couple of days? I just can't ask him directly right now and I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible as to what people think his intentions are. I know I need to move on, but that's not what I'm asking for help with right now.
  7. No I don't expect him to be changed at all, but if we're going to be friends I want to know what his intentions are and what's going through his head. I know I can't be with a guy like him right now and he's not going to mature for a long time. I just have this small part of me that's hoping he still has feelings and that maybe someday we can try again if we stay on good terms now. I'm afraid of closing any doors by walking away. But I don't want to hold onto that tiny sliver of hope if he's honestly just trying to be friends and still doesn't have any feelings. It's just weird to me that all
  8. I really just want to know what his motive is at this point, why he's reaching out and showing the interest. I wish I could ask him if it's because he still has feelings, he's hoping for a hookup, or he genuinely just wants to be friends and still doesn't have feelings. That way I don't get the wrong idea at any point. But I also feel like I need to wait a bit before jumping on that conversation because we've really only talked twice since we split. He also technically doesn't owe me any kind of explanation, but it would be nice to know what his motives are. If it is in face nothing more than
  9. I really don't know. I'm not worried about other girls- at all. He's a pretty awkward guy when it comes to getting to know people beyond surface level. What I'm most worried about is him just trying to be my friend because he wants as many friends as possible. Like I said before he's really insecure and he tries to have as many friends as possible and wants everyone to like him. So I don't know if his recent pursuits are truly him wanting to reconnect on some level, or if it's just him wanting to be on good terms with everyone. I just don't want to be another number added to his list of people
  10. I'm honestly not sure. I wouldn't mind being friends with him, I do enjoy his company as we are very similar people who share similar interests/values. I'm just worried that if we start hanging out more my feelings are going to resurface and things will get complicated because I know I cannot be with him romantically until he grows up.
  11. yes we were together for a month. He texted and asked me to breakfast this morning after we passed each other between classes
  12. I understand and I only analyze it because he already knew we can civilly coexist and that we were on good terms. He always says hi to me and I always said hi back, it's not like he had any reason to think I hated him so it just makes me wonder why now and what prompted him to go out of his way to talk to me now when he's had plenty of opportunities to do so over the last 2 weeks. I just know that for me personally, when I break up with someone I only agree to stay friends as a courtesy, but it never actually happens and "friends" means just coexisting and not hating eachother. The only time I
  13. part of me thinks so too, if he was genuinely just being friendly/courteous I don't feel like he would have gone out of his way to get my attention and have a conversation after two weeks NC
  14. haha I'm sure. I asked my closest guy friend what he thinks and he says speaking from a 19 year old guy's point of view, when they're done messing with a girl but want to keep the option open until they figure out exactly what they want they'll try to become friends so that there's still a possibility. Not saying that's what's happening here, he honestly is probably just trying to be friendly. But if that somehow is the case then good luck to him lol.
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