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  1. Perhaps I will just talk it out with my boyfriend next time instead of jumping to the forum first haha
  2. Well we spoke on it again. And he said that he does see a long term future with me and takes our relationship seriously. I can meet his parents whenever I want. He understands how I’ve been feeling and agrees the lack of me not meeting the family just yet is due to them crossing boundaries before. It has nothing to do with me and it’s something he needs to work on.
  3. I am going to have one more convo with him today about how he feels our relationship feels. From there I’ll explain to him that the fact that I haven’t met one family yet and it’s been a year makes me feel like what he’s saying isn’t true. I’m also going to postpone the outings I have planned with him and my family
  4. What about if I’ve met all of his best friends but just not the family yet? Does that mean he does not see a future with me?
  5. Thanks that makes sense. I guess it bothers me that he’s already met my son and sister. We also have a getaway coming up that includes the both of them. He also mentioned a trip that he wants to bring my son and I on in the next 6 months. I’m like how could he still be on the face about me after saying that he wants to step up and be there for me and a positive role model for my son. I guess I will step back and I won’t bring up the family issue for a while. I’ll give it some more time until I can’t take it any more.
  6. I don’t feel heart ache. He says he loves me. He’s even met some of my family members. I feel our relationship is great in every aspect, it’s just time not meeting his family although it’s been close to a year of dating is what turns me off a bit. Should I keep bringing up the topic to him?
  7. He said she’s an ex. But from hearing that the last time they spoke was just last year has me questioning everything a bit more. He said their relationship lasted a year and a half. From what I see it’s been since 2017 they’ve broken up.
  8. Hi all if you’ve read my last post a couple of months ago I was concerned about the relationship my boyfriends family has with his ex girlfriend. We are now 11 months into our relationship and I have still yet to meet the family. I’ve met all of his close friends though. Recently I brought it up to him again. He said i haven’t met them yet because I’m his last relationship, he felt his ex was too close to them and used to tell them things about their relationship. He said it bothered him that she would reach out to them even after they have broken up. I’m like ok but I’m not your ex! I asked when’s the last time he’s spoken to this ex. He said a year ago because she reached out to him for some information. He then assured me that he has no feelings at all whatsoever for this ex. He broke up with her and he believes she’s still the one who’s not over him. What should I do in this situation.
  9. Hi all, If you’ve been reading my posts you all know that I like to read too much into social media. I can’t help myself. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. We’re Facebook official, and Everyone knows that we’re together. However, I happened to look on his ex girlfriends page and I can see that both of his sisters are still friends with her. They’ll comment on her posts telling her she’s beautiful, wishing her a happy birthday. My boyfriend isnt friends with her on social media, he’ll only talk of her occasionally, if the topic arises. He’s also told me that he used to think he loved his ex but he didn’t. He’s also said his relationship with her taught him everything he didn’t want in a girlfriend, although it wasn’t a completely terrible relationship. This relationship ended 3 years ago. Besides me being in the wrong and checking out her Facebook profile, is it wrong of me to worry that his sisters appear to be close to her? I haven’t met his family yet.
  10. Quick update, we’re still going strong and I decided not to worry so much about the labels since every thing else has been going great. We went out on a date this past weekend and he casually said.. “yea I was telling someone that (my girl) is also a teacher” as he refers to me. And later on in the week he also casually says yea we’re a cute couple. I like how him and I always end up on the same page so i don’t have to bring up awkward conversations.
  11. I mean yes and no, I really don’t care too much about social media
  12. I’d like there to be more of an acknowledgement. A sentence of admission! That’s what it is!
  13. He’s fine with dating a woman with a child. He’s done it in the past. But I haven’t introduced them yet. I’m waiting for when I feel the time is right.
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