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  1. Hi all, If you’ve been reading my posts you all know that I like to read too much into social media. I can’t help myself. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. We’re Facebook official, and Everyone knows that we’re together. However, I happened to look on his ex girlfriends page and I can see that both of his sisters are still friends with her. They’ll comment on her posts telling her she’s beautiful, wishing her a happy birthday. My boyfriend isnt friends with her on social media, he’ll only talk of her occasionally, if the topic arises. He’s also told me that he used to think
  2. Quick update, we’re still going strong and I decided not to worry so much about the labels since every thing else has been going great. We went out on a date this past weekend and he casually said.. “yea I was telling someone that (my girl) is also a teacher” as he refers to me. And later on in the week he also casually says yea we’re a cute couple. I like how him and I always end up on the same page so i don’t have to bring up awkward conversations.
  3. I mean yes and no, I really don’t care too much about social media
  4. I’d like there to be more of an acknowledgement. A sentence of admission! That’s what it is!
  5. He’s fine with dating a woman with a child. He’s done it in the past. But I haven’t introduced them yet. I’m waiting for when I feel the time is right.
  6. Thanks, I guess I am being a bit anxious. We both have had talks about the future and what we both are looking for and we both seem to be on the same page. He does treat me like his girlfriend, so I guess I shouldnÂ’t be too hung up on the labels. I guess weÂ’re in one of those situations where you wake up one day and realize youÂ’re already in a relationship!
  7. We’ve never used the terms. Like if i were to introduce him to someone I want to be able to say that he’s my boyfriend. I’m guessing I’ll just playfully call him my boyfriend one day and see how that plays out.
  8. So I’ve been seeing a guy for the past 4 months. In those months a lot has happened. At month 2 we decided to be exclusive. We’ve been seeing each other consistently and at month 3 he invited me for a weekend away with him in another state. We took that trip together and It was amazing. He paid for our stay, as well as bought me some gifts. We both stated that we’re looking for a relationship. We’ve been on a double date with my friend and her husband with plans to see them again next month. He’s also invited me to a double date with his friend and fiancé sometime this month. We call each othe
  9. Just an update! On our last date, he approached the topic first and we both said we would date each other exclusively from now on and see and talk to each other a bit more during the week!
  10. I guess it’s probably the guys I’ve dated in the past that make me feel like you can never be too sure.
  11. But these are random moments “after” sex
  12. Thank you! This answer gives me a lot of clarity. I really dislike having to be the one to bring up the exclusive talk. At this point I really do enjoy his company and would like to be in a relationship. We definitely have a lot of moments where we talk about the things we like in each other, so that’d be a nice start.
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