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  1. Hey guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been kinda out of the dating world for a while and finally decided to get back into it. I wanted my first one to mean something, so I waited a while and finally asked this beautiful girl for her number. I’m pretty sure I rushed things a little too much. We texted only for a night before I asked her out (about 7or 8 text), so not a lot. She threw up some cover and said her best friend had come down from a different state “she is staying all week”. It’s spring break for me and her currently. I ended the conversation by saying I will see her in class on Monday. M
  2. We broke up, because well we didnt get along. There was a lot of fighting and I feel like both of us lacked the means to give the other what they needed. We hooked up a little bit ago, but after that I cut things off between us.
  3. So I’m an idiot. I don’t like my ex romantically in any way. I’ve figured that much out. I also know I don’t want her in my life at all. The only issue is every time I get turned on she is all I can think about. So here’s why this is such an issue. I found someone, a girl I’m sure I could have fallen in love with. She had everything I wanted and more, best yet she was the kinda girl that would make you forget about time passing. Anyway I lost her, it was all my fault. What’s worse is I had 3 chances and I ed up the exact same way 3 times. Every time I started getting close to her, I got cold f
  4. Alright so because my last post I decided to take sometime for myself. I’ve been working on the things I like to do like working out, painting, skating, etc. I’ve spent a lot of my time doing these things and also a lot of time exploring myself mentally and spiritually. Being that it’s my senior year I’ve booked myself up with school work and all the goods that go with that. I now have a goal I’m striving towards everyday. I decided I was ready to start flirting and putting myself out there again. Before this the women I meet and talked to were mainly the ones who were in my life on a regular
  5. I know there is a deeper connection between us two. When people say you know, you know. I know, that’s all I have to say about the soulmate thing. But I will say I agree with you I think it’s a good idea I don’t date, like I said in the earlier post. That is why I’ve decided to be frank and straight forward with her about the whole thing. Tell her why I think I did what I did. Then I’m probably gonna let her know I need some time. There’s a whole lot of history involved in this whole thing. A lot of that has clouded my judgement. I will say though that you guys(The ones that gave me good a
  6. What my ex said didn’t dictate my behavior in anyway. What I was trying to say with that. Basically my home life is like this. I have a very rich father who remarried a gold digger. She basically runs his life runs his house and controlles his money. My ex told me that I was like my dad and didn’t stand up for myself enough. So when (other girl)she said that I let her boss me around I switched modes and have had this initiative to not be like my dad. In other words I was to focused on not letting her boss me around that it blinded me to the fact that she was scared and didn’t want to longboard
  7. Well, all of you are right that I overreacted. There is a bit more to the story that is kind of what made me mad. She said something earlier that had reminded me of something my ex said to me when we were about to break up. Although the girl I was with didn’t mean it in a bad way, when my ex said it, it was a bad thing. The premis of that was that my ex said I let her boss me around. Now there is a lot more to why this got on my nerves involving some family issues. That’s the main reason I acted like that. I didn’t consider how scared she must have been and I’m dumb for not seeing it. I see no
  8. So me and this girl have been on a few dates and I really like her. Anyway she made me really mad recently because i asked her if she wanted to go longboarding with me. Well we we get there she refuses to get on the board because “I’m not gonna make a damn fool of myself”. Anyway this pissed me off because for one I was really excited to go longboarding with her. Two she said yes to going longboarding with me but refused to get on the board. Three I drove 30m to go in this date with her. Anyway about 30m into the date she still refused to get on the board. I said screw this and loaded up the b
  9. Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. A lot has happened and I’m sure I could write a book about it for everyone. Well let’s just cut to the chase though. If you wanna know what happened to my ex DM me about it, it’s quite a story. Anyway so I met this girl who I’m very sure is my soulmate. I’m on here I guess to find out what you guys think of it all. Cause I’m very shook. Anyway you know you pretty much look up what it’s like to meet your soulmate and you hear all the things like you probably had a past encounter and didn’t even know it. Well for me it turns out she grew up in
  10. We have only been broken up for about a week now. She starts snap chatting me out of the blue. We have hung out outside of school and at school. Each time we pretty much talked the entire time. Then we talk over snap pretty much all day. I really have no idea, cause it could be she wants to just be my friend or it could be more. I really have no idea. The thing is I want to talk to other girls, but I’m not sure if she wants to get back together, but I know that if she does and I’m talking or dating another girl at this point I would rather be with my ex. So should I just be straight up and ask
  11. So me and my Girlfriend broke up recently. I am left with more questions than answers and I have no idea how to move awn. A lot of things went down before we broke up and I’m so lost. First thing is I really have no idea why she wanted to break up. Sure we had some issues, but nothing too drastic. When I asked her why she just kinda told me it didn’t feel right. This is really bothering me because I have no idea what happened and I can’t stop wondering. How can I better myself for future relationships if I don’t know what I did wrong? I have a feeling she thinks we weren’t compatible, for the
  12. So me and my girlfriend have decided to take a break so I’m gonna call her friend for here awn out. So we decided to take a break due to some issues we were having. I think it was a good move. So here’s the deal a break either means a real break or we are going to break up. I can’t know for sure how this is gonna playout. Anyway I guess I want to know what I should do now? I’m assuming I focus on myself and find out what it’s like without her and find out my stand on us ending it for good. At this point I’m not sure how to act around her. Or how to put her aside and not worry about
  13. Here I am again, I guess I’m just really insecure about my whole relationship...... I’m not good at all at this so usally if I have the littlest bit of doubt I come here. I guess my issue is that I feel like I put so much effort into our relationship, just to get nothing back. For example I’ll snap chat her something like “I wish you were here right now” or “I wanna come cuddle” she will respond with a picture and nothing else. Then I might say “Nothing to say?” She will say “I was thinking”. Then I’ll ask “about what?”. Then she will say nothing.... She does this a lot where she does
  14. ^ and yet I did try to join in a couple times, but it still bothered me. Scratch that last question though I’m just not gonna say anything.... I’ve been working on my trust issues that I think come from my home situation.
  15. Sometimes you never seem to understand what I’m asking. I understand that ^ but I’m not asking you to tell me why my paranoia is bad for my relationship I wanna know what steps can I take to overcome my paranoia. How does one work on their confidence? Please don’t tell me how my paranoia is going screw up my relationship I already know it will if I don’t try to fix it. - also before hand she used to right in front of me (mind you) walk off right out of class and starting touching and talking to this guy. She used to brag about her ass to him and pretty much she would talk with just him right
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