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  1. I don't disagree that we're not a compatible, and I realize I am hypercritical of her at times. Her track record of partners is pretty poor, so she appreciates my overall stability and emotional support and I'll continue to be her friend. We can support one another, but I definitely want a break from visiting for a bit. She sees a therapist and sometimes microdoses psilocybin (mushroom), which she gets from a stoner friend with his own struggles. I have little idea if the latter helps much. I wouldn't say she drinks "a lot," but she definitely leans on it to cope and has a past
  2. I'm trying to understand how to move forward after a tough talk with my on-and-off girlfriend. A few weeks ago, after I made an abrasive comment that understandably triggered her, she began having a talk with me. She began drinking and soon got very emotional. I mainly apologized and tried to sooth and hug her as she cried about her family dysfunction and said I needed to be more supportive. She then said she wanted to cut herself (she has an old history of self harm). Eventually she calmed down as I held her, but as she continued drinking (maybe 1 1/2 glasses of wine, on an empty stomach), sh
  3. Clearly I let this thread get away on me. In case you see this, I just want to say thank you for the advice. Since 2018, I've been in and out of dating my ex-girlfriend and really need to take your advice to branch out socially.
  4. I reentered online dating last fall and it's going nowhere. I first tried it five years ago, at age 25. Back then I averaged one date per month, so what gives? Does entering your 30s suddenly damage your appeal that much? I look the same, am trying to date women in my age group, and quite honestly am a much more mature person than I was at 25. I'm more confident with who I am, yet I can't muster a single date. Despite living in a university town and being an artist and musician, I have no real social life. I almost considered going back to college last fall but backed out. Now I'm tempted
  5. Thank you, 1a1a, but respectfully, I think we're getting too deep into hypotheticals. I've never even communicated with her, so it's impossible to know what would happen. I might get completely ignored and that'll be the end of it. I just know that I want to approach her, both for the sake of both networking in the art community and perhaps romantically, but that's based largely in speculation. Also, some people get overwhelmed by the style of online dating and drop it simply because of that, so we can't know whether or not she's actually willing to date.
  6. A brief background: After leaving a four-year relationship last year, I'm now in my early 30s hoping to find someone. I live in a college town, but I have a very small social network and, therefore, mainly rely on online dating. I'm introverted but pretty comfortable in my skin, and I have a variety of artistic passions. So it's frustrating not being able to share that with anyone, friend or romantic partner, even though I live in a decent art community. I recently came across a dating profile of a local artist that matched me strikingly well. I stalled to message her and she quickly left t
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