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  1. My question is, why does a liar get a second chance? Did you really think something good would come out of that?
  2. It sounds like you like the thrill of a much younger girl but want the commitment and maturity of someone your age. That's not to say all 21-y/o dating older guys are immature, but some things you only learn over the years—confidence, patience, the importance of good timing, the fact that the world doesn't revolve around you, to name a few. Besides, the thrill of dating an older man for her might be his potential ability to treat her to expensive things and the fatherly attention. I think that holiday is a very expensive gift you're giving her for such a short relationship. Sorry to say
  3. Thanks for your words, Sublimek. Maybe I exaggerated. He doesn't go out during weekdays because that would interfere with his job. His group of friends however have different schedules and they will go out on a Thursday or Tuesday as well as at the weekend. I recently said to him that drinking on Fridays AND Saturdays was more than I was willing to put up with, and he said ok, just one day. So he goes out one day and he drinks (almost compulsively, if you ask me) whether if I'm there or not. If he can get away with it, he will go out both days and do the exact same thing. And then there's alwa
  4. Thank you, Capricorn. The thing is he swears he's not going to be like this all his life. He has told me repeatedly that he will eventually settle down and adopt a more family-oriented lifestyle. My concern is that I won't find out until we're married. He has a good job and I look up to him in a lot of ways. I trust him very much but I don't trust that he can quit two addictions. He's committed to me and I love him very, very, very much. It would break my heart to leave my otherwise perfect fiance. I'm really lost.
  5. Thanks for your insight and support, Melancholy. I really need it at this point. I don't mean to say that he drinks during week days—well, maybe a beer or two during dinner once a week, but that's fine. I just think that getting drunk every single weekend is too big a strain on your health. The thing is NOBODY understands my position. His friends think I'm a controlling b*tch. My friends think so too but they love me so they wouldn't put it so bluntly. They think I'm suddenly acting weird, I'm not fun anymore. We live in a society where it's totally acceptable to go out and get totally hammere
  6. Summary: My SO and soon-to-be husband is usually responsible and hardworking. We've been going out for many years and almost everything works out fine. Except for the fact that I would like the future father of my children to drink less, to lead a healthier lifestyle, to make wiser and more mature choices. I point this out to him and he responds well, trying to show that he's committed to me, that he cares, but he ends up drunk and smoking compulsively every single weekend. I don't want to take care of a lung cancer patient in a few years just because he thinks he doesn't "smoke too much". I w
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