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  1. I actually broke this off. Took time to bottom line her actions and decide that I'd not feel comfortable pursuing it. She did take it well, and has been in touch trying to clarify the situation, (she met up twice not 3-4) as well as share other details. She's open to questioning which is good. And then followed up with, wants to prove she's trustworthy, give us time etc. I've a gut feeling nothing really went on, as that previous thing ended abruptly. Anyway, going to take time to think it over, as I've left the door slightly open. Thank you all for discussing!
  2. Thank you all. This is definitely a curve ball in the early dating game for me. Because of a past rocky relationship I tend to lean conservative (aka @smackie9), but I'll have a chat first, get some more info on what went on, and let her know my boundaries if we're to continue seeing each other. She seems like a nice girl but if I had a dime for every time I heard that...:)
  3. Hi all, Would love your opinion about this new dating experience I'm having. I've been dating a new girl for around 3 months. She asked me not to be seeing anyone else by around month 2, which I agreed too. We've been dating once per week during this time. Over Christmas break, I traveled home for vacation (I live/work in a foreign country - her country). I was away over 3 weeks. When I got back we had a date night. On the date she told me an ex who she dated in spring for a few months reached out to her. She said that she met him a few times to talk, and let him know she wasn't inte
  4. Really appreciate the insight. May I ask what happened in your situation (did you turn this around)?
  5. Thanks for the response. How do you mean afraid? Thanks for the response here also. I'll elaborate a bit more. Today she said she'd been feeling this "off" way a little since Autumn, say last month. What I noticed was a sudden drop in interest to then a spike in interest a few weeks ago. Then she had a terrible hormonal week with her period (swapping BC pills), she was crying when I would see her. I tried to comfort her as best I could, be this kind of rock figure when she was low, making light of everything. We went walking and she was holding my hand very very tightly. Showed great a
  6. My girlfriend of around 1 year nearly broke up with me about 6 months ago. She said she didn't love me. When I look back I was acting too needy and too much of a nice guy and pushover. When she told me that she didn't love me, I told her the next day that wasn't acceptable, to which she almost immediately responded that she didn't want to break up. Then a few days later, we had makeup sex, she told me she loved me. We even booked a holiday. Crisis resolved. Recently though, she's been "off". I've been applying different approaches from work online (attraction tips, remaining masculine, etc)
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