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  1. I know you are right but it’s hard when she is constantly complaining to me on the phone about it all. It’s like she just wants me to say “there there everything will be ok.”
  2. I chat to her over the phone about every couple of weeks and the odd text. My partner has no problem but he thinks she is using me. I met her at work over 10 years ago then her physical illnesses (an eyesight problem) stopped her working. She was very shy but we had similar interests at the time. I don’t want to “fix” her but I’m worried she will get in to a “relationship” that will destroy her even more and I think she makes me feel like a bad person because I care.
  3. Hello, I would like some advice and thoughts on a friend of mine. Have known her for a few years, we will call her Mandy, she is 40, lives with her parents and has a physical disability and depression. Not sure how much her parents help her out as her dad has MS and I think Mandy’s mom is busy caring for her father. I don’t live near her any more, I live 300 miles away but we both still talk over the phone The problem is that Mandy hates advice, but will happily complain about having no friends (I am her friend which is insulting), no one that cares for her and is constantly bored. She h
  4. No I’ve not. I know this all sounds bad but he is extremely convincing.
  5. Hi, ok I’ve been talking to a guy for a while couple of months, we text and he calls me everyday. We seem to get on really well. We both were not looking for a relationship at the time of meeting but we have suddenly become close and he want something more serious. We are both in our 30s. This sounds all appealing but there is a few issues/problems or even maybe red flags. He is a widow, his wife only died a month ago, I was only there as support at first for him. His wife died of cancer which is very sad. Now he is wanting a relationship with me, he says he did all of his grieving when she wa
  6. Hi, Ok here’s the problem I seem to get insecure when a man I like (get feelings) tells me they love me. I noticed this after I was getting strong feelings for this guy and he told me he loved me, I was happy and extremely flattered but I suddenly started to become very insecure. I started to become slightly different, a bit more needy which was not me and I’m not a needy person. I think that’s one of the reasons he liked me because I wasn’t clingy. Why is this? What can I do? Do I need to work more on loving myself more? Am I scared that they will stop loving me? Has anyone else felt like th
  7. Thanks for commenting. Yes have explained everything, I explained to him in detail, I know he’s sensitive but I can’t help how I feel. He told me he understood but it doesn’t sound like it from his posts.
  8. Hi, ok I have a male friend which I’ve known for a little while, we started becoming more close recently just because we spoke a lot and our conversations were quite deep. I did always try to make them light hearted too. If we texted and I went aways for a short period of time, like I had to make my dinner or had to get back to work he would get upset with me and that I had left him all alone. So I recently said why dont we just use texting to arrange meeting up and phoning. So that was that. He is quite flirty with me and I can be too as he is a very attractive guy. I didn’t “fancy” him but s
  9. Hi all! Want some advice on a guy please. I used to work in the same place as this guy, we did not talk much but always liked my social media photos. I always thought he was attractive but I had a boyfriend when I worked there. A few years ago we he messaged me randomly to say he had always liked me and that I was beautiful but he said he never had the guts to say anything until then. I was flattered by the response and he asked if he wanted to meet up, I declined as I wasn’t wanting to date anyone or start a relationship plus he had a 2 year old son and was getting help for alcoholism and
  10. Thanks for the reply and advice. It has been a couple of years I’ve been back. I also don’t ask for money, I do my own laundry and help out around the house. As I thought maybe he was thinking I’m being “lazy” and not getting a job.
  11. No I’ve not as I’m worried it will make things more awkward. Also, he’s not great at talking about feelings or he’s not good at talking in general. I would have no idea how to even approach the subject.
  12. Hello all! Ok I will tell you a little background about me first...... I suffer from depression/anxiety that effects my ability to work at the moment, so I’ve had to move back home to my parents, yes, it’s not ideal but I’m very grateful that I have them and how understanding they have been. I love them both very much! So, as you can imagine my confidence has suffered a bit but I’m getting help and hopefully on the “mend”. The worry I have though and has been for a very very long time is with my dad. He is very introverted which is no problem but he seems to get very annoyed when I talk (n
  13. Hello all! I have a friend that I’ve been close to for about 25 years. She suffered from depression I was always there for her, her relationship break downs when no one else was. I have also helped her out financially when she couldn’t pay for bills (only a loan, she had to pay me it back at a later stage when she could) which was hard as I don’t like mixing money and friends but she was desperate. I also took her on holiday to get away from things again I paid but I didn’t mind. I only ever asked her to pay me back a little each month when she got a job and was secure in it. She got a job ne
  14. Hi, I am a 30 year old female and I’ve been single for a few years. I suffer from anxiety and depression, which has made me have low self esteem. I used to be confident and always thought I was an attractive girl, until I started suffering from depression which I have put on 3 stone in weight due to over eating when I feel low. I have been on a few dates recently and all of them have rejected me (even though I wasn’t interested in any one of them) but before suffering from depression and me putting weight on I never got rejected ever! The men say to me “there was just no spark”. Why am I getti
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