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  1. I know. I just wanna do what I can to better myself.
  2. Seriously, thank you guys for taking the time to post and reply. I appreciate all the feedback and I’m gonna try to get the help I need.
  3. Honestly, I don’t want to make anybody miserable or pull anyone down with me. I just want to be happy.
  4. Most of the time I turn it back around when my feelings have been hurt.
  5. I honestly felt like I was a good guy who would treat a woman well. How does one stop being a monster like this?
  6. I haven’t forced her to go see them. She just wanted to do it together because she feels as if they influence me to leave her. And I understand where she is coming from and I know she isn’t ready to be around them, but they are my family and I do want to be around them, even if she doesn’t, I don’t mind that. I would like her to be though.
  7. Wow, actually that is pretty close to what happened in the beginning with us. My gf wanted me to spend more time with her but I was so wrapped up in my family. We used to do everything together. I would leave her house early on Wednesdays to go pick up my sister from school. And I would blow her off to do things with my family. And it really bothered my gf, and I took it as her not wanting me to be around them. I am narcissistic. I don’t do these things any more. Dang, I feel bad for her for having to deal with all this for so long. I don’t even know where to begin to change.
  8. My mind is just swimming wondering what is wrong with me and how I could fix it. I don’t want to hurt anyone! Not my current relationship, not future relationships, and not family, or friends, or hell even strangers. I just want to be a good, kind man and give the love that is deserved.
  9. I know I have some issues and I feel that if I put a label on what I am or how I feel, I can begin to pinpoint the issue and change those things.
  10. I do. I just see too many similarities between myself and narcissism though. I’m a very conflict avoidant person though, until my own personal being is insulted then I will jump in and in the heat of a conflict, all I want to do is get away and I say anything I can to get away from the negative emotions. My gf told me that she believed I was a narcissist or bipolar
  11. Damn, that does sound like me. When my gf and I argue, I feel attacked. And I get mad and defensive. I feel like when she is telling me what’s going on she is just telling me you did this and this and this and you didn’t do this and this, and it makes me defensive. You’re right though maybe it is all about not wanting to be accountable. Damn. Thank you for your insight.
  12. I told her that I wouldn’t let my mom or anybody else say anything bad about her again. I just told her that being close to my family is what I want. And I told her I wouldn’t make her go over there until she is ready, but I would still like to go over myself and when she is ready we can go over together. I don’t feel as if I was giving her an ultimatum.
  13. That’s emotional abuse though? Damn. I don’t want to be an abuser!
  14. I have had the intention of leaving and moving on. But my gf always comes back and I love her and I think about how much I love her. And we get back together.
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