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  1. Of course, it feels great. A verification that the person who f**ked me over is the a*s hole i thought he was and he didn't turn into this amazing boyfriend for somebody else which i had imagined in my head for so long. Is it wrong to feel happy about that? I'm only human after all... does it mean i'm going to give him whatever it is hes looking for to him? No
  2. When i get a miss call from an unknown number i text back straight away to ask who it was. I don't leave it for 2 months to randomly ask at midnight? Is nobody else finding that weird?
  3. How is that a huge leap? He unblocked me to ask who i was knowing fully well who i was. Theres no other explanation for that other than he was trying to start up a cpnversation. To me a man in a happy relationship wouldnt be trying to cummincate with his ex so i disagree i don't think its a huge leap at all.
  4. Why does he care enough to message me 2 months later? I know that dosnt mean he wants to get back together maybe its just for hook up or ego stroke. Im not sitting here longing and hoping for some reunion. I'm just trying to make sense of his behaviour and not gonna lie im kind of happy that all is not as it seemed to be in his relationship. That couldve been me with a baby while hes texting ex girlfriends? Dodged bullet if you ask me
  5. No, I guess its just closure that he didnt sail off into the sunset like i imagined he did and theres cracks in his relationship.
  6. I have moved on but to me he dosn't exactly seem happy in his relationship if hes messaging me suspocious messages like that. Seems like hes testing the waters but either way im not entertaining it because he has a kid now and I'm not the type of person that would get in the way of a family.
  7. To cut a long story short my current boyfriend and ex boyfriend have the same name. I was having problems with my phone so I started using my old phone I had kept in a drawer. I called my ex boyfriend by accident because his name was still saved and I thought it was my new boyfriends number haha. It rang for a few seconds until i realized the mistake I made and hung up. My ex boyfriend then rang back twice. I havent spoke to him in nearly 2 years and i didnt wanna anwser the phone and have an akward conversation. So i sent him a text on whatsapp to let him kno
  8. I was in a situation like this before. It didn't end well. The guy broke up with me completely out of the blue when he seemed really happy and expressed how happy he was all the time. A couple of months later he start seeing a new girl but he would still text me all the time to say he was thinking of me ect. I thought the same thing as you. He must not be that into her if hes texting me, right? Wrong. She got pregnant soon after and are togethet two years later. We don't talk anymore because i made a decession i wasnt going to be a back up plan or ego stroke. Blocking is the only way forward
  9. Yes I am afraid to be alone i hate to admit it but i am. My social life isnt great at the moment I've lost contact with old friends. Some have them moved away and others moved on with their life have kids ect. I dont make any friends in work because I do agency work. I'm a nurse and i work in different hospitals/wards everyday so i dont get to know people well enough to have a friendships. I do feel really lonley.
  10. Havent been on this since last weekend. Only seeing your replies now. Well we arent teenagers. He's 27 and I'm 23. When i say i was asking all weekend i was exagerating. I asked him on friday night. He didnt want to because he was tired. That was fine. Then i asked him on saturday and he didnt say no he said maybe later. When i asked again later that was when he snapped. I dont agree with some of your comments i think relationships are about give and take. Somtimes you do stuff you dont paticularly want to do to mak your partnet happy. Its a selfless act. On that friday night i didnt want to w
  11. I've been with my boyfriend a year now and admit he was a rebound. But i love him... but its more like hes my bestfriend hes the one i tell everything to and somtimes my only friend. We have fights but most of the time we get on really well and are always laughing ect. But thats it im comfortable. I dont feel inlove with him i feel attached to him. Ive always felt somthing was missing and a couple of times i tried to break up him but he fought so hard to get me back and i always gave in cause i missed him but to be honest i feel traped in the situation
  12. Thanks for this. I have been feeling so down all day and this had made me feel better.
  13. So before a couple of days ago I would have told you that I'm completely over my ex. I don't really think about him much only in passing somtimes. I havent even talked to him in over a year. I stayed full no contact and i never looked at his social media and i never had any updates about his life. He was a complete mystery to me. When he broke up with me he had a hard time letting go and kept trying to keep me in his life for months after the break up. Saying he loves me but wasnt ready for a relationship and all that nonsense. I decided to cut contact completl
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