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  1. Hey everyone, I realize I just posted yesterday but I'd like to use this platform a bit more whenever I'm having an issue. Its really been helpful. This summer was one of the best I've ever lived through, seriously. I lost a load of weight, got to become really good looking, was in great shape, and was just having a great time. When school started, it was a much different story. I found it much harder to keep up with exercising after school, and also just staying in shape.. I remember being 5'6 and about 128 pounds when school started, which seemed like a very good height and weight
  2. Well, like I said, I don't really want to be "Leonardo's doppelgänger." I want to be my own person, maybe resemble him though. It's just hard, I don't really know how to describe it well.
  3. This made me happy, so thanks for that. I don't really look a lot like him back when he was on growing pains.. I look more like him when he got older, maybe when he was twenty or so. Once I got my new teachers this year they all said I looked like him.. I've been asked out a few times, and a couple of the girls that did ask me out were fans of a young Leonardo. I don't really.. well, I don't really want to be like him or copy his every move - that's unhealthy. I'd rather work on myself in becoming a better me while at the same time maybe trying to resemble him a little more. It does make m
  4. This is true.. thanks for the advice man
  5. I completely agree. I look like a younger version of him, but the way I always thought about it was that I look like him, but not exactly like him, and that if I made a few changes, I could look (exactly) like him.
  6. Just to give a bit of backstory, From a young age, a lot of people, including my own family, would say I looked like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Hey, I mean, what's so bad about that, right? He's good looking, (I'm straight by the way), he has a charm to him, and is very talented. Over the summer, I was focusing on exercise and my diet when sometimes I'd look in the mirror and think to myself, "Wow.. I really do resemble a young version of Jack Dawson." Some time would go by, and I'd actually watch some videos of Leonardo and think, that really looks like me. And recently I've been becoming se
  7. I wouldn't consider myself desperate to get her, I'm just desperate to talk to her.. it's already November and we haven't had a proper conversation since last year.
  8. Often times, I will feel as if I love her. Whether or not the emotions truly consist of love or not, you're completely right.. I'm going to try to have a simple conversation with her today and see where it goes.
  9. I agree that I'm overthinking the situation. But, each and every day that I see her I like her more but I lack the courage to talk to her. It's awful. I have anxiety about talking to her and getting rejected, mainly.. I'm desperate here. I don't talk to her because when we do talk it's always awkward and I want to break that barrier so that I can have an actual conversation with her.. it's tough.
  10. I am.. I just lack the courage to talk to her and whenever I want to talk to her I can't because she's around others, like her friends as an example. It's hard. I really like this girl.
  11. I need help desperately with this.. it's eating me alive.. I think I love her and I cant do anything about it. Please help me.
  12. She's single now, has been for a while, so that isn't an issue. I just need advice on approaching her, how to act around her, and asking her out at some point.
  13. We're both thirteen. They are no longer together, she had enough of him and left him after a month or so. You're absolutely correct. It should be easy to just ask her out on a date, but I'd seem interested in that case. It would be as if I was rushing things - she lives in a different borough than I do, but I visit there sometimes so if we ever wound up dating I could still see her. It's hard man. I feel lost and as if I have no courage left. She's tried talking to me sometimes and I'll just shy away. I need to take action here.
  14. Her and the boy have been broken up for months. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. I'm just lost in what to do. I feel like I need to talk to her but it's really hard to at school because everyone will create drama, and I'm not sure who she really really is deep down. It's hard.
  15. Okay, so, there's this girl at my school, (I won't reveal any names,) but I like her, and it's a long story so I'll try and give a rundown of what's happened. Last May, my friend and I were talking about who we had liked. I told him, and somehow, I wound up asking her out over the phone later that night. I didn't think much of it, and was willing to get rejected. I was unaware, however, that she was already in a relationship with another boy, but I had already given it a go. She didn't say yes or no, until the weekend ended, and at school on that Monday, we were near each other a lot, talk
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