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  1. Thanks everyone. I think that it's probably best if I don't see him again then. I'll have to figure out a reason. (He lives in another city anyway, but messages me every now and then). It's a shame, because we do get on, and there was chemistry last time we met up, but I can't get past the saliva thing.
  2. I have no idea which topic to put this under and it's just tricky. I have dated someone in the past and when I kissed him (it was dark so I couldn't see) he had thick saliva and it was just awful. I could taste it and I didn't kiss him again so it went nowhere. I met him again, years later and we got extremely well. We stayed out all day and it was great. However, again he had thick saliva that is white in the corner of his mouth when he talks between his teeth. It grossed me out. He has started talking to me again and I would love to see him, but this is just in the back
  3. No. Maybe I will suggest things to do that others have done if I enjoy them, but not in a comparison way. Everyone has pros and cons. No one is better than another person if you like the person you are having sex with.
  4. I never really 'got over' mine. I stopped trying to and stopped feeling guilty for it. I just think that I'll always have a soft spot for him, and there is a fondness there, but the relationship wasn't right. Doesn't mean that the feelings have to go completely. It's like an old childhood game that you think of fondly, but have no desire to play with again.
  5. I am 28 and I've only ever been in one 6 month relationship, with someone that didn't make an effort. I have been on SO many dates and I just don't understand how I am still single. It is making me feel really lately, and I feel incredibly lonely and slipping into depression. I am also making stupid decisions. My friends invited me round for tea because they said I didn't look myself. I am also annoyed at myself for not being strong. My friends admire me for being independent, but that is only because I haven't found anyone, and I am also a very weak person. I have a weird push-pul
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