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  1. Mediterraneans have darker skin than northern europeans and generally age much better.
  2. we're getting side tracked here. My main question for this thread is this Do you think the more competition is enough to explain why I have such fantastic success with either late 20s women who have kids or anybody over 30 and such terrible success with mid 20s women without kids? Or is it my own shortcomings in terms of my confidence/demeanor around them? Both groups are good looking so the looks is not a variable here. Are mid 20s attractive women without that kind of baggage really that unreasonable in their standards? I don't feel like I'm shooting for anybody out of my league - I'm pretty good looking, super fit, super well dressed, make a lot of money, have my own house/fantastic with finances, well spoken, super nice/loyal, good family values, totally want a relationship/kids. Isn't that what every woman my age wants? Can someone give me a good answer?
  3. my dad is 57 and has way way better skin than white women I see who are 42 and he is overweight/has never been into working out. I'm a hardcore fitness freak and I am very careful in my skin care routine (avoiding the sun, eating super healthy). I plan to look 40 at 60 but I'm a high testosterone, darker skinned male. We're right there with African Americans for crazy aging genetics. Even my mom at 55 has great looking skin
  4. just about every woman I ever meet over 30 has kids anyways and I don't want that so it's a moot point I want someone a few years out of college so I can start a family of my own. I don't want another man involved in my life
  5. I wouldn't say that. I care a lot about how well matched we are now I'm way more attracted to darker skinned women anyways
  6. no, I'm trying to date a darker skinned (Italian, Spanish, Greek) woman 3-5 years younger than me so we don't look ridiculous when we're in our 50s I date a light skinned white woman who is even my age...and in our 50s, it will look like a 15 year age difference
  7. you want the honest answer? I work at a sales job so I see tons of couples. Whenever I see a man who is say 50 and he's married to a woman who is 58...the age difference looks more like 15-18 years Men age much much better than women do in my honest opinion, especially high testosterone dark skinned men such as myself. My dad is 57 and still has no real wrinkles. He could pass for 40-45. I see light skinned women at 45 who have heavy wrinkles and signs of aging
  8. Over last couple years, I've had a good amount of women who have been interested in me but I just can't seem to meet a good match. I seem to have the same problem most single people I have - I don't want the women who want me, the women who I want don't want me. I tend to have a lot of women who are very interested who are either single moms and/or over 30. I'm 28 so I want someone between 22-28 with no kids but when I approach those kind of ladies, I have horrible success rate! It's so unbelievably frustrating It's worth nothing that both groups of women have been plenty attractive so I don't think I want somebody out of my league. I had a beautiful 35 year old who was very heavily into me. That same night when I met her, I talked to a cute 25 year old and she wouldn't return my damn call. I don't know what to make of this. Is it just because I'm desiring the cream of the crop in the dating world (single, cute, educated and professional mid 20s women) to where the percentage of rejection will inherently be very high no matter what I'm doing? or is this a question of confidence and me not talking to the women I want with the same kind of carefree confidence with the ones I can't see myself dating? What baffles me is I have about a 80-90% success rate if I approach a lady and I find out she is either over 30 or is a single mom. I would kill just to have half that with the girls my age. I was talking to this super cute Mexican girl last night. I have great success with Hispanic women as they always find my darker features to be very attractive. We get along great, she's exactly my type - intelligent, educated, professional job, super sweet, couple years younger than me. I'm being super nice to both her and her friend. Then I go to ask her out and she turns me down! I'm 28, college educated, in great shape, dress super nice, make fantastic money, looking for a relationship/settle down. I am tired of being single
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