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  1. Been yogether about 5 years on and off. Shes broken it off 5 times,me once.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I will suggest couples therapy.
  3. Im in a relationship with a woman, who I love with all my heart. Our past is scattered and riddled with breakups all boiling down to one thing. A serious drug addiction and the habits surrounding it have spoiled our good vibes. I have made a decision to leave the drugs behind for good. I have attended my first NA meeting just lastnight. The problem is that apparently I am a trigger for my girlfriend. She has associated my face,my presence with the drug use so much that it has caused her to not be intimate with me. I understand that this may be a defense mechanism, and not a personal choice. However she also recently was unfaithful to me with another man-someome from her past. I forgave her for the incident ( as we have a past together and I am understanfing I hurt her very badly when I left her the last time we were together). But recently she reached out over the phone to another man she used to have sexual relations with- apparently for advice. The only reason I know she was talking to this man is because I caught her trying to be sneaky about it. She had gone upstairs to her moms place yo use the bathroom (she says) and received a call from him while upstairs. What she didnt realize is that her phone was on bluetooth and hiz voice came in over the speakers. When i came upstairs to confront her, she did 180* turn and hungup the phone. I knew in my heart that something was not right. She has reassured me there were no ill intentions and that she had reached out yo him dayz before for advice because he is an ex drug user. Fair enough. But this incident was a few days ago, and now she wont be intimate with me in any way. No kisses, just a peck on the lips. Sex is out of the question. I give her bacl rubs and worship her every night. Lately she has had some medical complications and nausea, which I understand are legit reasons yo not want to have sex. But now it seems she is just annoyed by me presence-she doesnt want to talk. She stares at her phone and ignores me mostly. Im at a loss because its hard to not beleive there isnt some other reason why she doesnt want to be intimate with me. For 36 years old, I have a fairly high sex drive. I dont know if I should keep being persistant in trying to make things work? Or if Im trying too hard and just need to give her some space. I need your advice! Thanks
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