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  1. I’ve been friends with her for a few years. I’ve told her time and time again that I don’t like texting. I’ve told her face to face. I’ve told her over text. I told her the pressure is too much. She can send anything between 2-5 questions on EACH text and sends between 10 and 20 texts before I respond. So that’s a billion questions and my phone constantly going off. She’ll text even when I’m busy with my family or in courses... I’ve been honest in every way possible. I’ve been nice, I’ve been nasty. It just won’t stop. I’m considering going to the police but I don’t want to ruin her life...
  2. Hi, basically I’m 23. I spent all of my teen years texting and using social media. For the last 2 years, I literally despise texting. I feel awful, because my friends will text but I have no desire to text back or even make an effort to communicate with them at all. I like sitting and scrolling aimlessly through twitter, Facebook and I love reading things online but texting makes me feel anxious, I can’t describe how it makes me feel but I honestly would rather never text anybody ever again. My friend will text between 30-50 times in a 24 hour period if I do not respond - and if I do r
  3. Hollyj, I wholeheartedly agree. As soon as she told me how she felt I told her it’d be wise to end the friendship. This in turn ended up with her being suicidal and threatening to end her life. She didn’t admit to her feelings until AFTER I had confided in her about the abuse I was going through. I never intended to use her, I just didn’t know how she truly felt at the time because I was blinded by physical abuse from my then-partner. I did end up going for professional therapy and told my friend I would no longer confide in her, but it doesn’t stop the never ending questions to know the detai
  4. I’ve never purposefully kept her on a “hook”. As soon as she told me how she felt I told her I don’t feel the same. I told her it may be easier if I left the friendship and she lost her mind and begged me to stay.
  5. We’re both in our twenties. We’ve been friends for over 3 years, she does have romantic feelings for me which I do not share. She’s been there as a massive support through my worst times, including abusive relationships; but she texts 24/7. She constantly wants to talk to me and asks me questions all the time. She’s overbearing, and I feel like she wants to know every detail in my life, I could throw a simple tweet up and I get a text within 5 minutes asking about it. I’ve spent two weeks pulling away from her, I barely text back anymore and I don’t go and see her because she exhausts me. She’
  6. I apologise for the rudeness but she was getting upset reading the replies and feeling really judged and not helped. No one was answering the part she wanted answered the most, and she's frurstrated and emotional at the moment. It's hard for me to see her upset and feeling like that.
  7. Hi there. I attended counselling a few years ago - she was very spiritual. She asked me "do you really want to know what you want?" Of course I said yes. She proceeded to ask these questions, and at the end she told me "you want to be abused. You think you deserve it." I wish I could describe it better, the question sheet was a weird format and I can't quite remember what she was asking. All I know is that basically, from this question sheet it stated "I want to be abused. I deserve it ." This was from my answers somehow, which I don't think had anything to do with the abuse I'd been thro
  8. Because she's not very internet savvy? Doesn't really like using these things? She doesn't even have Facebook, but she asked for my advice and I said I could ask on here which she OKed as the only way she can know if it's possible to feel symptoms this early is by asking for others experiences. And she will be getting a test if you read the damn post it's asking if it's possible PMS symptoms, or if it's possible to feel pregnancy this early...
  9. Yes, my friend typed it out and sent it to me so I posted it for her as she doesn't understand how to use the forum. Is that really that hard to grasp? Yes her boyfriend feels the same way. And to be quite frank I don't think he'd have used the withdrawal method if he was entirely bothered. They often talk about children. They're both 25, stable jobs and a good income. All she wanted to know was if anybody else had experienced any of this and if it was possible to have symptoms this early. Sheesh. Internet really is the most judgemental place.
  10. I posted this on behalf of my friend as I'm not sure how to help her, and I never had any of these symptoms early on my own pregnancy. As she already stated she knows withdrawal isn't safe, but she doesn't mind getting pregnant. Stop being so condescending and read the post! All she wants to know is if these symptoms are possibly early pregnancy. Not being told on every answer "get a test", she already knows that she's not dull. She just wondered if anybody else had experienced the same
  11. Hi. So, my periods are quite irregular ranging from 28 days to 36 on one occasion, but usually between 28-31 days. I always know when I'm ovulating though, it's quite painful. I had sex the day before ovulation, using the withdrawal method. (Yes, I know it's useless but heat of the moment with long term partner.) It's not a worry if I do end up pregnant. Although, my period is now due in 4 days (if it'd be 28 days)... But I'm suffering with extreme bouts of anxiety for no reason, I'm urinating slightly more, I'm tired all the time, my hands are tingling and I feel really swollen ev
  12. It's my friends uncles funeral today. She hasn't seen him for years. I've been struggling for a long time with suicidal thoughts that just won't go away. She's never spoken about him, never cried about him and didn't exactly seem bothered when he passed last week. I don't know how I'm supposed to go and "support" her, she's not actually going to the funeral but she wants me to go to her place and sit with her, but I'm in an awful place myself right now. I'm ready to commit suicide. How in the world am I supposed to support her?
  13. I'm going to cut the story short. At 17, I had a baby. At 19, he was taken away by social services. Unjustly, because I have borderline personality disorder and I ended an abusive relationship 5 months before they took him. I had never harmed him, I breastfed him until the day they took him. (23 months). He was forward, clever, happy, well dressed, content. Every report says this. But they took him anyway. He now lives with my sister and will until he is 18. He's about to turn 5. Since this, my self confidence has gone. I don't want to get a job because I can't face people; I hate leav
  14. Hi, I'm female, 22. My best friend is female, 26. I met her 3 years ago, we became close quick. She learned that when I was 15 I had a lesbian relationship, but I have been in heterosexual relationships ever since. But every time I try to meet someone, her mood deteriorates. If I'm out with a man OR other female friend (who I don't have feelings for) she texts me non stop, or she "goes for a walk" late hours. She does everything to make me worry about her so I can't enjoy myself. I've told her I don't love her like that, I love her like a friend but I would never be with her. I'm jus
  15. Hi this is my first post here i am 22, female. My best friend of 3 years is 25. I met her at the worst point in my life, and she really was a shoulder to cry on, as I was for her. This past year, after I self harmed for the first time in a long time, she got extra clingy, and she gets in a bad mood if I hang out with anybody else. She doesn't directly tell me it's my fault, but I've tested for the patterns... and it's every single time I hang out with someone else she acts like her world is falling apart. Even if the other person is one of her friends. She destroyed my chances with a
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