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  1. Obviously, I wish I didn't feel this way as It's painful to experience unrequited love. I have tried my best to forget about her, but I just can't seem to let her go. I feel that things will be different this time as we have both had time apart and time to mature.
  2. I understand that is the impression that you get from what I say, but I feel her annoyance/interest in my sexual history stems from the fact that she doesn't want anyone else to be with me.
  3. Bear in mind I was very young when we first started dating, she had been with alot of guys before me and she was my first everything to be honest, my first proper kiss as well. When we staretd having sex, I got frustarted that she had been in sexual realtionships before and I hadn't. I thought that if I kissed other people/ had sex with other people it would help me to deal with her sexual history. I didn't. It got worse and worse and I began to resent her for her past and looking back, I've no idea why it was so irrational. I became almost blinded by jealosuly and hatred with her being with o
  4. I told her that I still loved her today and but that I right now, I just want to make sure she's okay and now isn't the time to try and prove it. She responded by saying that she agreed, but then went on to talk about how the number of people she had sex with is bound to increase now and how that annoyed her. I told her that obv would find it hard to deal with if she went and had sex with other people when I'm single and trying to prove myself to her. She also then metioned how the, "hottest guy" agreed to meet with her after I asked her how she was feeling yesterday.
  5. No she said it's definitely over, I'm not sure though, I think she will meet up with me over christmas
  6. My ex and I were together for 4 years from the age of 15-19. Once I started college things went down hill, I cheated alot and I took her for granted. Our realtionship ended very badly. Two years on, I'm now 21 and she's 22. The longest we went without talking was 3/4 months and she agreed to meet up with me a few times even when she had a new boyfriend. She was going out with this guy for almost 1.5 years but they broke up yesterday. She messaged me saying that he broke up with her and they defo will not be getting back together. She told me last night she felt like calling me. I tried for two
  7. Okay, so I met this girl about 4 weeks ago at our colleges law ball. We clicked straight away, got her number. Texted a little and went out for drinks. The first date went real well, texted me after thanking me for it. Then about 5 days later, we were both in college, we went for coffee spent a few hours together, again it went really well, she said she had a great time etc etc. The day after, she texted me asking if I wanted to come over to hers, we watched a movie, ate ice cream, cuddled for ages, kissed so much, it was great, didnt stay over, eneded up getting a taxi back. This was sunday..
  8. My ex and I were in a relationship for around 4 years, it was very intense, we started dating at around 16. About 10 months ago we broke up, I was going through alot and wasn't treating her properly. Unfortunately, I cheated on her and I never told her. After about 2 months of splitting up I confessed I kissed a few girls. She was heartbroken. Over summer about 5 months after the break up we met up a a few times, we had sex, she seemed to like me again and we spoke about getting back together. It fizzed out. We went back to university after summer, I still spoke to her, still asked her to take
  9. so I recently admitted to my ex about the extent of how much I cheated on her during my first year of Uni. We were in a LDR and it was hard for us. No excuse obviously. We broke up about 8 months ago, since then she came back to me over summer, we me up as well about one month ago and she cried when she left me. But last night she texted me as she was on a trip with her university to my city. Ironically I was on a date with another girl (who I previously ended things with to get back with) I decided to leave, made up and excuse that I had to meet my friend. So when I seen her, she was kind of
  10. I met up with my ex on thursday. It was my idea. I hadn't seen her since June, the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other. Within that there was alot of no contact etc. We went for walk, chatted etc. I helped her work on her CV we talked about what we've been up to etc. Then we both got upset, there were tears in our eyes. When we said goodbye she hugged me and burst into tears. She held me so close and cried into my chest, I kissed her head and she walked away and said, "see you someday." I love her to pieces. She said she didn't know if she'll give me a chance. She keeps talking a
  11. So, my ex and I were together for 3 and a half years. From the age of 16 to 19. When I moved away to university our relationship broke down. I had a lot of personal issues but aside from that things became very toxic. As she became more and more distant, I became more and more desperate. We ended terribly. 3 months after our break up over summer (this june) , she came back to me, we went on 3/4 dates, but she left me again as she maintained she couldn't get over the fact I cheated on her. Something I told her after we split. It's been 8 months since we needed. I'm twenty now, she's nearly 21.
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