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  1. He lives 11 mins away. So I didn’t label him he told me that he had it was getting treated and then stopped because he didn’t like how it was making him feel
  2. I think moving in wasn’t the right way of saying it I still have my own place. We just spend majority of the time at his.
  3. So I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year. When we just started taking I learn about his social anxiety which I didn’t have a problem with. Three to four months into the relationship I met all his family and we basically moved in with each other. My family will invite him over and he’ll always have an excuse to why he can’t make it. At this point I know I told him I wouldn’t put it and he can do it whenever he’s ready, but that’s now like our main issue. We fight a lot about it because my family is important to me and I feel like I’m not getting the respect I’m giving him..... what should I do???? Ohh I bought tickets to a concert and a comedy show with my family and ohh he’s showing up not to meet my family but because of all the strangers I’ll be around... [emoji58][emoji58][emoji58][emoji19]
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