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  1. I had four beers spread over the night, but as far as I know she only had one drink at the beginning of the night, so not all that much.
  2. So, let me tell you my story. A few weeks back, my ex girlfriend cheated on me, but she also immediately told me about it and she regretted it a lot. Too late, I know, but I think she hurted herself as much as she hurted me. She didn't understand herself how she could have done that. I forgave her (too) soon and I did everything I could to fix things, to heal our relationship, to right her wrongs, but two weeks later, she broke up with me. She said she still loved me and she was going to miss me a lot but she just couldn't do it anymore and our relationship did her more bad than good. We both cried a lot so it's not like she didn't care. Again a week or two later, I went to a party with a group of friends, including my ex, we share some of the same friends so thats why we both were there. She talked to my best friend about us and told him that she didn't want to get back together with me, at least not this year. My friend later told this to me. But that night at the party we got pretty close. She had some personal problems that I knew of and she told me that she finally was going to seek professional help so I hugged her because I was happy for her that hopefully things were going to get better for her. There were a lot of people so we were packed closely together, I was being pressed against my ex and our hands touched, and before I knew we were holding hands. I later put my hand on her lower back and she did the same to me. We were kinda hugging and stuff. It basically felt like we were a couple except there was no kissing. I tried to convince her to kiss me, and we wouldn't do anything wrong if we kissed, and that we could try being a couple again, but she denied the whole evening, but we were still holding hands, hugging, and being pretty close. I asked her if I could at least get a kiss on my cheek and she kissed me on my cheek, right after I asked if I could get a kiss on my lips but she denied again, and it kept on going like that for a while. At the end of the evening when we were al saying goodbye, I asked for one more cheek-kiss, but before I knew what happened she kissed my on my lips, it was very briefly and not an intense kiss or anything, but still... What does she really want? Does or doesn't she want me back. Please give your opinion Thanks a lot Casper
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