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  1. I agree that humor is very important for a healthy relationship I thought about the conversations which bring us closer together...conversations about our memories, traits or wishes...just to grow as a couple. Do you never deal with such questions?
  2. Hi everybody, I am in a relationship since more than three years now. More and more I get the feeling that we are not that close anymore. I do not know exactly why, but one thing I recognized. We always discuss topics which are not about our relationship but more about our lives beside it…work, sport etc. On one hand this is normal, but on the other hand I wish more communication about us as a couple. Do you feel sometimes the same in your relationship? What is your approach to maintain your relationship and keep you and your partner deeply connected? Thank you for your response.
  3. Hi Pippy, yes I try to overcome them. I know that these problems are kind of normal and I discuss them also with my partner. I just wondered if I anybody here can give me some good strategies or advises? But I see, you have a completely different problem What do you mean with that your boyfriend invisible?
  4. Here are some of my problems: Routines, discussion of irrelevant threats, relationship maintenance (what do you do?), personal transformation over time.... How do you encounter such topics?
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