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  1. I have been going out with my boyfriend for about 2 years now. I live with him and have so for over a year. Things have always progressed quite quickly in our relationship, I moved into his house within 6 months of seeing each other. I started to notice signs of abuse the first couple of times we started seeing each other however I dismissed it as he was drunk. Then, it was only verbal abuse from calling me a b*tch to fat and ugly etc.... He always apologised in the morning and was so sorry for what he had said. The first time he hit me was when we went on a weekend away and he slapped me in the face. He doesn't always do it and has only done it about 8-10 times in our relationship but again, we have only been seeing each other for two years. Last night, we argued about me potentially going to a party with a friend and because I said I didn't know whether I was going or not, he punched me in the face and got really irate about the whole situation. He said that I just wanted to go out and act like a slag and I shouldn't be with him if I wanted to go partying all the time, baring in mind I hadn't been out in over a year. The worst arguments where he has hit me quite bad and shooked on the floor have always been on holiday. I think this is because his mom lives at home with us where he can't obviously do that. I'm just scared that in the future when we have our own house, he is going to constantly do it when we are on our own. I really don't what to do anymore. I am really in love with him and believe that he can change. The fact that he doesn't always abuse me and it happens occasionally makes me want to stay. I know it sounds stupid. I have had an abusive relationship in the past which was way worse where he would control everything I did and who I saw which is maybe the reason why I tolerate my currents boyfriend's behaviour as it isn't as bad. Please give me advice.
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