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  1. I recently reconnected with an old childhood friend let's call him T, he asked for my number and started flirting with me a lot. I was sort of in a weird spot before I talked to him with this other guy B, he is also my childhood friends and he has helped me with a lot of tough situations in the pats he is honestly my best friend and I have hoped for almost a year that we would become more than that but it didn't work out because I dated B's best friend before and B has commitment issues. Anyway when T came along I sort of took the opportunity and talked to B and kind of ended my crush for B from their and it feels really good, because T is great and I want to get to know him and I thought that it could be a sign to finally move on. Me and T started talking almost non-stop for a week he would text me good morning and good night and ask me what I am doing and he seemed very interested, we did have a some awkward silence moments but I figured this was normal when people first get to know each other. Now a week later he suddenly stopped texting me and I honestly thought he had this work thing which he did, but then after that work thing was over he still hasn't texted me I decided to text him and ask him whats up he just said that he been going through something and he was upset but it will pass and things will work out and he stopped going on social media and I could really sense that things are different and he is not making it up. 3 days later, still no text so I decided to text him to check up on him, it turns out that he was getting a minor surgery which he previously told me about. Over text he sounded different before he was very enthusiastic and used a lot of emojis and asked a lot of questions but now he seems drier. It could be because of his surgery and because of that thing he was going through. Nevertheless, when I texted him the day of his surgery he hasn't talked to anyone else in the past 12 hours and he replied 15 minutes after I texted him, I take this as a good sign, meaning he thinks I am important to him. I mean he is polite but I don't think he is just being nice, because he could have simply replied later . I don't know what to do, I told him that he should go and rest since he is spending the night in the hospital and that week when we first reconnected he told me that he want to get to know me and that we have a lot of time. it seems weird that now things have changed. What should I do? I feel very annoyed and frustrated and almost anxious I don't know if it's because I stopped going after B and hoped things will work out with T but I feel sad and heart broken I really hoped things would workout between us and eventually become a couple. I honestly don't think he was looking to just become friends he was really going at it with the flirting.
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