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  1. I’m not trying to be rude! It’s just the feeling I have.. I know it was a hot and heavy relationship with this guy that I know as I saw Marks on all over her breast during my daughters baseball pizza party. The clothes she wore to the party said it all. Maybe going to town would have been more appropriate!! Anyways, how do I let it go!! Her brother is friends with the dude! It’s weird now!
  2. Understood. How do I make myself feel better about the situation? I’m obviously over thinking the whole thing and letting my ego control my thoughts! Any ideas?
  3. Understood. I already ordered the book. I'm not really sure why it's hit me so hard recently? I guess I never properly coped with the situation. I think certain things trigger my emotions, and it's hard to take her at face value because she said one thing and did another. She would say that I'm lost without you during the break. However, a few short weeks later she was already in a secrets relationship with this punk! Now, I guess because I know him it makes it worse.
  4. No she was not. I guess it bothers me when I know the person. Oh, she was with other people I knew before we got together. That's less bothersome since it was before. During our split she was drinking a lot and doing drugs with the guy in question. Knowing my girlfriend got pounded out night after night with this guy is something I can't shake. What is my problem and what can I do to stop thinking about it since the facts will never change. Thanks! JRV
  5. I guess my ego is bruised! Her brother is fiends with the guy on FB and instagram. Do you think that is weird? They are not really friends in real life though. She blocked the dude from her FB page but her brother kept it! Do you think that is right! I don't! Anytime her brother post something with her included the other guy sees it. It bothers me and I told her that!! I hate the way I feel about the whole think! It's constantly on my mind!
  6. Also... what's your advice? I know I played a part in this! I've cleaned my side of the street.. now what?
  7. I guess what bothers me the most if that she lied and hide the fact she was sleeping with this guy during our time apart! I know this dude and he is a scum bag. It's pains me that he pounded out my girlfriend. They were in a hot and heavy drug, alcohol, and sexual relationship! When I first got back with her she told me that it was over with him. However, I remember a text message for me him asking is she was coming over. Now, her step dad made a heartless comments while out to dinner after she was pregnant. He asked us if we were going to name the baby The name of her fling. Also, during the short time we were apart I send her a picture with the dude and myself in question to let her know how weird it was. What did she do?? She shared the picture with the scum bag and they both talked about it! That's the kind of I can't let go of! I guess I need advice on how to best let it go. Thanks!
  8. Good advise bro! I was playing hard to get during our separation but it back fired on my ass! I wish I could do it all over again before I left. I got mad after an argument and left to my parents house. I wish I would've thought it over before I left. I'll never be able to get that time back! It was stupid on my part!!! I regret my own actions! They help perpetuate her sleeping with someone else!
  9. I guess I was coming to terms with the fact that I caused a lot of the issue by leaving in the first place. I Basically gave her an excuse to do what she did.
  10. Gotcha! That's how I'm feeling about it. Her lame brother and the dude are friends on Facebook. I know she checks her brothers profile page so I'm sure she still seems him on Facebook. She's blocked him from her own page but the dude is still connected to her brother. We had another kid after we got back together around 4 years ago and I was going to marry her. Unfortunately I just don't feel right doing it now. She was with someone I personally know. This person had tried to get on her before but she denied him. After I left for my parents house to figure Things out is when she contacted him through FB I believe. It's still vivid because she asked if I wanted to hang out! After I said maybe she sent another text out telling me to never mind. She then lied about who she was with that night! That's what perpetrated the length in time apart, as it was the gut feeling of betrayal I felt. Things are better now then they have been in a while. However, I'm still haunted by the sexcapade they had. It lasted around a month and half during this time she was trying to get me back even after she was sleeping with him. It's doesn't seem real at times! I actually am meeting with a female counselor regarding my issues. Any advise would be helpful
  11. Yes, I'm bitter and embarrassed that I played a huge role in how things played out! If I had not left this probably wouldn't have happened like this! I feel bad because I can't go back in time and stop myself from leaving when I did. It's a crummy feeling to have.
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