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  1. I've struggled with self harm issues since 5th grade. At first, it was something I did because I was a dumb kid who didn't know any better and at the time I didn't have any idea how to cope with my mental illnesses (which I can remember having since kindergarten) and nobody cared enough to stop me. It became an addiction really fast, in a matter of months I was doing it 3 times a day for about a year. Then slowly I weaned off, from once a day to once a week. When I was in 8th grade I felt horribly suicidal again and as a result the self harm was worse than ever. When High School came aroun
  2. What I am about to explain is not typical, and I understand that. I have kept this a secret for my entire life, I am very afraid of being judged. I have hated myself for this and have tried everything in my power to change it. None of it works, so really I just want an outside opinion on this..I've never even met someone else in my situation. I've been to several therapists throughout my life and never wanted to talk about this, I couldn't find the words at that time. I'm still not sure if I can fully explain this..but here I go. I am a straight female and 20 years old. I probably should b
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