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  1. I'm fine with it. Not overthinking it at all, just curious that she would want to visit when she wasn't super close with her. I already know I will be the subject of of conversation at some point. She does like my grandmother a lot so I am cool with it. I've asked some girls that I know what it means, and they said she was just trying to find an excuse to talk to me. Understandable considering I have been in no contact and we had an undeniable connection while we were together. Either way I haven't and will not let it bother me. She is welcome to visit with her as far as I am concerned. I was
  2. So she contacted me yesterday. She said she had my stuff packed at the old house. She also asked about my grandmother who is having health problems. Now she wants to go visit my grandmother next week. Why?
  3. She knew I wanted to be financially stable beforehand. I was in the process of choosing a career path, which I did a few days after she left. She was mad that I had done all the things she wanted me to do after she left. So there it is I guess.
  4. I did want marriage and family, I was about to propose to her. We talked as if it was what was going to be. She ran when we got in a rut and started bickering from communication issues. I did want all of that with her and soon.
  5. Mine wanted ring so bad. Asked about engagement again and again. Right before I was about to ask her. She fell out of love and left for another man. God dissolved something that I now feel would have been a disaster. She didn't love me, it was always about what I could do for her. She pushed me away nd I resented her for several reasons. God was looking out for me. We weren't meant to be together.
  6. Everyone seems to think I dodged a bullet because she needs to grow up. She thinks everything should be a fairytale and real relationships like ours was just aren't like that. She wasn't willing to get through a rut and she thinks the honeymoon phase should last forever. We still went and had fun and we were super comfortable around each other. Our goofiness and personalities outside of relationship issues were a good match. She thinks that our relationship should have been perfect. I really think she has a case of the GIGS or a quarter life crisis or something.
  7. We lived together two and a half years. Broke up because of communication issues. She was all in on me, wanting marriage and children. Well sure enough right when I am about to propose we start arguing and not fixing things like we should have. Also I had become complacent in my work and home life. I have since resolved all of those issues.
  8. I guess im just lonely now feeling like I will never find someone I like a lot. I'm 28 and I have to get less picky now but at the same time I'm still picky.
  9. I have been replaced in a very short amount of time. Has anyone else dealt with being replaced so quickly after being dumped? What happened and did you ever get any closure? Me and my ex were together 2 1/2 years, but it had become stale and we never sat down and talked about how to fix us.
  10. Probably a few weeks before she left when she started getting distant. I think he helped her make the decision to leave.
  11. That is what everyone keeps telling me. She is making poor choices and I love her and miss her but I have to try and move on.
  12. We have known him for a while. She has only thought of him romantically for about a month. He was her shoulder to cry on when breaking up with me.
  13. She is 22 and acting against everyone's opinion. Crazy
  14. 1 month after our breakup she has moved 3 1/2 hours away from friends and family. She moved in with her ne BF who she has been dating for 3 weeks.
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