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  1. Yes, i know the title sounds absurd and probably sounds like something a troll would write, but it's 100% true. I'm a partial owner of a S Corp that I helped cofound. (5% ownership). I used to own 40%, but I got cheated out of that because I was stupid and trusted my partner (won't go into that now.) I no longer work there. Now that I'm mostly out, it's obvious that my former partner wants me out 100%. This business does about $2 million to $4 million in software sales each year. Last year, this business did $200,000 profit. That means, if this company distributed this profit as di
  2. I've made a graphical resume for myself, but maybe I should try to take it up to the next level. Thanks for the input.
  3. There seem to be so many great stories on here. I wanting to hear from you, particularly the old timers for what you think is the best romance story you've come across here before.
  4. Yes, I am applying to Fresh postings every day. I am replying to postings for jobs that are lofty and humble. Three of the positions I received interviews for were very high up in the organization's as regional managers in Fortune 500 companies. My experience is co-founding and operating a $4000000 a year business. I have been trying to get a job in marketing. I have hired professionals to put together my resume.
  5. I have had two face-to-face interviews, and two phone interviews. One of the phone interviews resulted in second interview with a higher up. Still crossing my fingers on that one.
  6. I've applied to over 110 job applications with customized cover letters. I thought I had a great resume, but people sure are not biting. How difficult have all of you found job searching to be. Do you find it harder to get an interview if you're over 40? Any resume\cover letter experts that'd be willing to check mine out for input?
  7. I suppose there's nothing I can do. I go to eat at a Taco Bell once in a while. There is a young woman with a sweet smile that always takes my order at the counter. She has so many self inflicted cuts own her arms, that it makes me sad. I feel like I should say something to her, but really doubt I could. I'm a 46 year old guy. When I was younger, I would cut myself, so I know her pain. Would you say anything?
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