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  1. I do not miss her at all nor don't want her back recently I was just curious so I looked on her social media and looked at her pics and I just seem jealous cause she's all happy and looking good but she's the one that dumped me, I know karma takes a while but I want her to look miserable and etc. I'm proud of myself that I'm finally over the breakup but I'm just a boring person who does nothing and barely have any friends to hand out with
  2. Basically ex and I were in a ldr and went on and off 3 times in the course of some months then 2 months ago she cut me off. Then couple days ago I contacted her to be on good friendly terms like How we once was and I said if you wanna go our separate ways that's fine as well. Mind you I GAVE her the option to be friends or to leave. So we caught up with each other then the next day she started venting to me about her family and etc. yesterday she texted me and I texted back an hour later but she basically hasn't replied to me at all since then. It irks me a lot when ppl don't reply to Idc who
  3. I broke nc with my ex gf we didn't talk for 2 months she broke up with me for no reason I known her for a year but anyways I broke nc just be on good friendly terms with her but I don't want her back but what seems weird to me is that before I contacted her she unblocked my number and my social media and then when I texted her she said "I never knew you was unblocked" obviously to unblock someone you have to do it manually. But she seems very excited and she's already telling me about her problems and etc and told me she has a bf but I'm jealous about how she's able to move on with ease but fo
  4. It's no hooker he has someone out there who has a younger sibling for me, I know how to talk to women from the U.S. cause I'm American but ppl from the Caribbean
  5. I'm going to the Caribbean in a couple months with my family I'm 18 and still a virgin and my brother said he had a girl over there he can hook me up with. The problem is idk what to do at all when that time comes conversation wise. they speak English in that country but with an accent, anyways Suppose the girl isn't attracted to me or what am I suppose to do that leads up to us Having sex especially for me since it will be my first time. Any tips ??
  6. Is there something wrong with being good friends with someone in a different state lol ?
  7. No I never met her it was a long distance thing I met her through a dating app we live in two different states
  8. ive been contemplating heavy on whether I should text my ex gf/bff, last year March I met year on a dating app we lasted for 5 months then she cheated on me then 2 months later she contacted me apologizing and etc. we then became very close talking everyday and became best friends meanwhile the guy who she cheated on with cheated on her and then after that a month later. we got back together then that didn't last and after that our friendship wasn't the same. kt was a lot of jealousy and arguing on my behalf. Then i calmed down then in April/May of this year we got back together only lasted fo
  9. I left out that I met her last year march online so I known her for a year basically and she has told me a lot about her personal life
  10. I think I'm basically healed because I look on her twitter and I don't feel any anger or sting like how I did before nothing phases me anymore. Even tho we got past the cheating thing once I still can't be cool with her is what your saying ?
  11. I met this girl online dating last year and we dated for 5 months long distance then she cheated on me cause I didn't let her hear my voice or show my face cause I was very shy. I wasn't hurt at all by it but then two months later she contacts me saying she's sorry and gave me the reason why she cheated and after that we became very good friends but while we're friends she was with the guy she cheated on me with and basically karma came for her he cheated on her I was there for her but during our friendship I develoed feelings for her and she felt the same way about me even before her relation
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