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  1. Being her father wasn’t mentioned. He clearly wants to stay with her and is defending her. To not say make it clear when something is a problem is just enabling her.
  2. And unless you make it very clear, she will consider this to be acceptable and normal for a relationship which it isn’t.
  3. Yes it is sometimes true that women are not able to have sex if they have things on their mind or are worried or anxious. But is that actually the situation here? Her behaviour is poor taste IMHO and not respectful to a partner. She openly admits that she uses sex to be manipulative. I don’t know why you would act this way towards someone you care about. Does she has low self esteem where she needs to do this to feel good about herself and wanted?
  4. To my knowledge, when you have a paid account for Tinder it allows you to set your location at anywhere in the world you choose, not just current location. He may have done this if he knew he was going away back to back but wanted to continue searching somewhere specific. Just a thought. You were only together a short time before he went away and if you are already feeling the need to go through his emails it doesn’t seem like the best situation for you.
  5. I am unable to add any more reactions to the comments 😞 but appreciate all of them!
  6. Thanks all for your opinions. It’s really made me feel so much better knowing that it’s not just me that thinks this way and outside of my family in the real world (!) people don’t act like this. Since I moved away I have lost touch with close friends and other than my partner there isn’t really anyone who I could help give an outside perspective.
  7. Some softer part of me feels sorry for my father because I honestly don’t know what he will do. But then the other part of me is infuriated by him. We are both grown women obviously but as a parent I couldn’t imagine having 2 children and not only can you see but you are actually enabling a situation where one is taking advantage of the other (not trying to get the violins out here!) But as you guys have said, sometimes people don’t get it or wouldn't admit it anyway. Moving forward with selling it will almost certainly end our relationship because I live away and he spends every weekend wit
  8. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it is for people to see my point of view. Thank you all so much. If I could go back in time I would have pushed through with selling the house back when my mother passed. I really regret that. My sister and I don’t even speak at this point so selling it and her moving out after her behaviour I can push through that. Her partner and their 4 children are their own responsibility even though I’m told otherwise. But I will now also be pushing through the backlash from my father who has now decided that he is entitled to live there when she moves to
  9. Thank you for your response. Sorry I have not been explained this part well. I applied for probate and was issued with the letters of administration and therefore already have the power to split the estate. The issue has been that my sister will not move out and especially now she a family there. And when I tried to do this I was emotionally blackmailed into letting her buy me out. Which she has made some payment towards. But has gone months without paying anything. And now my father is wanting to move in there but doesn’t appear to be organising this. I completely regret letting it get this f
  10. Apologies for the long post and the ramblings but trying to include details and I’m nervous about posting! My mother passed away 9 years ago and her house was left to my sister and I. My parents divorced when I was late teens and we are both in our thirties now. Her death happened suddenly so there was no will but I applied for probate so the paperwork has my name and there was a small balance remaining on the mortgage which I paid off. My mother always said the house would go to both of us. My sister, who was still living with my mother when she died, continued to live in the house with
  11. Hi all I was dating this guy for about a month. He had been single 8 months and before that a 6 year relationship. They bought a house but no kids,marriage etc. Initially I thought he wasn't my usual type but he completely won me over in his personality,how well suited we were,a lot in common and got on really well. 2 of the dates we went on we went out to eat and we were literally the last 2 in there at closing. It was so effortless the time flew. I can't stress enough how much effort I felt he put into me. He really looked after me. Very much a gentleman and very attentive. Couldn
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