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  1. I’m fragile. I’m so fragile that sometimes I hurt myself on purpose. I cut my hands open like they were in a need of a surgery when in reality they’re not. I like the pain the cuts make; I like the way the blood tribbles out of the wounds and runs down my arms; somehow it makes me feel safe again. Hurting myself makes me feel safer and calmer. I’m so fragile that I cry myself to sleep and hope to never wake up again. I cry in the shower and I cry in my room when my parents are in the living room watching TV-shows thinking I’m okay. They should think again because I’m way less than okay,
  2. Hey again! It's been three weeks since my last post. Some of you recommended to go all out and not waste time. Well, the very next day I tried to connect with him a little more. I guess on some levels it worked, we talked a little bit more than usual; he slept beside me again but this time we were so close to eachother that our hands touched. He took my pillow away in his sleep and that's why I had to get closer to him. He offered me his joint and when I told him to wait my friend, too, he started to stutter and said that she wouldn't get high with us and I'm so disappointed in myself beca
  3. I think you're right. I'll try it tomorrow.
  4. He's the first guy in three years towards who I am feeling something. At the beginning of the summer I still had feelings for a boy who broke me 2 years ago and I still cried over him. When I met K (the guy I have fallen in love with) these feelings remained silent. I feel like because of him I don't cry so much anymore...
  5. I don't know either if he's a relationship material but you can't never know before you try, can you? I don't know what I'm looking for him, I haven't really given it a thought yet.
  6. Hi, guys, it's my first time to write here. Why should I even write on a place like this, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple: I feel completely and utterly lost with my own feelings. I don't know what to do and I was hoping that maybe you could help me. *** I don’t live in the country that I was born in, so I came here for summer holidays to work and be with my friends. There's this old friend from school and I started to hang out with her a lot. She introduced me to her group of friends and now I am one of them. We go out every day and they make me feel like I have always been o
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