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  1. I mean I can be an ahole at times but usually generous to everyone around me. Wife also has a strong jealousy trait, insecurity and always, without fail, wants to have the last word.
  2. She only became like this after marriage. I just avoid confrontation now and just do my own thing. It is sheer arrogance.
  3. Texting isn't cheating per se but it does mean you're not the centre of his world anymore. So best move on.
  4. I think it's over mate. This is a girls way of saying she has met someone else. In situations like this girls will come to with a list of justifications as to why the relationship should end or in her words "suspended". Nobody suspends a relationship. It just means it's finished. Sorry mate but best you move on and enjoy your life and give what you have to someone who is now appreciative.
  5. My spouse never apologizes for anything even when she is clearly wrong or, just to even cool a situation. I told her that in all the four years we have been together she has never apologized once. She admits that but says she has never made a mistake. Ever. I want to be with a person who, like all human beings, does make mistakes, who learns from them, can admit to them, and that are forgiven. That's what makes life a constant learning process. However her ego and arrogance are so out of control that she says she will never apologize for anything. Is this normal?
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