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  1. You have to feel so tired im sorry youre going through that my wife is similar but has gotten better. Know that youre feelings and frustrations are valid and try and let her know how it feels that you mever recieve that validation or apoligy if she refuses to understand or at least attempt to you might have to let go or seek help from a therapist together its not healthy to stay in a relationship with a narcisist they can drain you till you start to question your sanity
  2. If youre truly unhappy leaving is the best thing you can do having a happy parent Raises happy children,but if you guys get along and there was once passion, it can be reignited . With age comes boredom we get what we put in in all things imo.try and talk to your s.o. . Starting an open conversation can do alot
  3. This is only one side of the story so i dont want to make her out to be crazy or pathetic . It hurts beyond belief to know that she felt that way about me even for a moment. Ive definately tried to talk about it and thought we were getting though it (getting over it is way too much to expect ) but when i least expect it it hits me like a brick wall in the middle of an argument. Btw this was around two uears ago
  4. No never needed one and she didnt say anything or resist just whimpers and wriggling to get away wich is exactly like her normal acting
  5. So my wife and i for years have role played rapist and victim.Pretty harmless stuff holding her down getting rough (not too rough). I think its pretty hot but its her thing ,shes super into it . One day talking about how verbally abusive we can be when were fighting she says the best thing i could do in the middle of an argument would be to grab her hold her down and f$@k the s?!t out of her . Ok thats how it all started but heres the embarassing part . Just a normal heavy petting session amd she starts giving me oral but my head was elsewhere and i wasnt really into it (not that typical for u
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