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  1. His father is disabled and cannot physically work. She on the other hand can work but chooses not to. His father does everything around the house like cooking and cleaning even though he struggles to do so. She takes his disability allowance as well.
  2. The thing is she has other children with full time jobs and she doesn’t ask them for money. It feels like she’s taking advantage
  3. The thing is she has other kids that have full time jobs and she doesn’t ask them for money like this. Which makes me think she’s taking advantage
  4. His father is disabled and so cannot work. His mother chooses not to work. His father does everything for her including the cooking and cleaning even though he’s not well enough to do it. She takes his disability allowance to.
  5. So, my boyfriend of almost four years, me being 21 and him 22 are supposed to be saving for a house together. I am constantly saving putting hundreds away each month and he is supposed to be doing the same. However, he is constantly ‘lending’ money to his mum and she now owes him around 3000 pounds. The problem is his mum doesn’t work and I know for a fact that he will not get this money back. I have constantly told him to stop lending her money but I know it is difficult because it is his mum. He never has any money because she keeps having whatever he’s got. This means he can not afford to move out of the family home and subsequently means I’m not going to either. The other day I had a bit of a break down in front of him because it was getting me stressed because he had no money to buy Christmas presents because he had given £250 to his mum. This made me upset as I like to be organised especially for Christmas and it meant that other members of his family might not have a nice gift. I wouldn’t mind if she used the money for things she needed but instead is shopping every day buying things she doesn’t need. After having a cry in front of him he said he would try to stop but then I found out he leant her another £50 just days later. This made me slightly upset due to the fact he knew how stressed it was making me but still continued to give her money anyway. He doesn’t know how to say no. All I want is for us to get our own place but I feel like this is never going to happen. Am I being selfish because it’s his mother at the end of the day or does it make sense why I’m upset? I don’t know if I’m overreacting. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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