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  1. I'm going to hopefully see my boyfriend in 3 weeks time and we haven't exactly slept together before and he told me he wasn't going to masutrbate, spelling lol, until he sees me as he wants to save it all up for me. I wanna do the same so I was wondering if I did the same would it really make a difference or have a great effect by then and should it feel good when it comes to it?
  2. It may not be worth sharing but I feel worried and a bit stupid. On the Facebook messenger app I accidentally called someone and I hung up immediately, I'd done this with a girl too. It was 5 am all I was doing was looking at them as a contact so I could delete them. I'm worried because this guy happened to be someone I was meant to be meeting but changed my mind about him as he don't seem bothered and I ignored his last two messages so I'm worried what hell think!
  3. I'm sorry I made a new thread on the subject to make it seem easier as I usually give a whole back story which I thought put people off reading as I write a lot! to answer your questions and by the way I'm sorry if I was rude. I live in UK, yes I'd like to see him in person and what he said made me happy, he knows that.
  4. This guy tells me over text things like: talking on the phone for 2 and half hrs is unusual for him, that talking with me every day is the highlight of his day, he said that our chats are never long enough, the one day we didn't have a voice chat he said he found himself missing it. He lives in Scotland and said that if I ever needed him physically he'd be there. He said that even though we might not always talk he'll always be there, he told me he's not going anywhere. He sent me a picture of people hugging, this morning he said good morning m'lady. Are these the actions of a naturally loving and nice guy whose spiritual? Someone who is counselling you, trying to help you? A friend? Or someone interested?
  5. I've been talking with a guy for about a week which may not seem to the average person but I feel that as if we've connected in a way I can't explain as we started talking because we have had similar situations that we've been through and unusual topics such as cosmic and spirituality. He lives in Scotland but we've become closer than we were a week ago believe it or not but he's said to me once or twice that if I needed him here physically he'd come and promises that, I see it as big but I don't know what to think of it??? Also there was a day when we didn't chat because I went away somewhere for the day and he told me that he unusually felt himself missing the chat and also one day we spoke on the phone for almost 2and a half hours which he said was unusual for him.
  6. Hi folks, No these aren't all about the same guy, this is about James who I'm interested in. Never mind what my other threads say, please can you help with this one?
  7. We are both 19 and have Autism, we went out for a drink in town last week and he said something when we were talking about past lives, don't ask lol but I said that I may have been a woman and he said "a very beautiful one" and we spoke about dating and he told me that he finds me rather pretty and that he finds me attractive but doesn't know me enough to date me. He also said he thinks I'm fun and interesting and said once or twice that its fun or he likes hanging out or talking to me. I know that it means exactly what it sounds like, he likes the way I look to look at me and likes the way I am to spend time with me. I want to know what it represents though such as = friends, = flirty friends, = friends with benefits or = ACTUAL love interest? or = like me, = like me and is attracted, = lust and wants sex or = wants everything?
  8. PLEASE READ IT ALL! There's this guy, Kyle who is a few months younger and has Autism like me. he has always been a bit flirty and sometimes makes suggestive comments to me even before he had a girlfriend when he asked "Do you like me? as a friend... more than friends?" I don't like him anymore than friends and told him so, he got with a girl Jenny but she isn't ready for sex and so whenever he's alone with me he will be suggestive with me, I am a little guilty of being flirty at times too but I always make sure I don't cross the line as I do wanna be friends and I always say to him what about Jenny or why not lets do it WITH JENNY and he goes quiet, apparently he flirts or likes some others too? he also randomly messages me to say hi and that's it, I reply and say hey what's up and he doesn't answer even if he's seen it, to me I call this "KNOCK AND RUN" and this seems a bit sneaky to me also. Recently he messaged for the first time in ages, I was real happy to hear from him and we exchanged a few FRIENDLY messages until he started crossing the not so FRIENDLY line but saying "I'm just in my shorts... I'd of thought that you'd be in panties" I didn't reply and left it at that. A few days later as I still liked him, I tagged him along with others in a friendly post as we are all at college and have broken up for holiday, I said stuff like I'm on vacation and gonna play games all day long. Today his girlfriend message me and said "Hi, I'm not being mean but Kyle wants you to stop annoying him and stop tagging him in posts that aren't relevant to to him" I don't know why he'd do that when days before he messaged me? I told Jenny that he's flirty and she spoke to him and he asked her if I had any proof of that. ? what is he up to is he trying to cause trouble cuz I didn't flirt back? one thing, should I expect him to be messaging me after. Only I really need something to show Jenny badly cuz Kyle's giving her the old "prove it" thing and I stupidly deleted my message. Will he message me for anything after this, will he confront me or hide from me?
  9. Thank you folks, Your lovely! No I'm not concerned about him making a move, I'd like him to and this is the kinda date that I'd hoped could bee as you described. I'm not worried about my weight but on my legs I have a lot of marks and scars that looks like I've been beaten, I HAVEN'T! its my fault, this may seem weird but I have a habit of constantly picking at my scabs and scars, have all my life, I can't at all help it, I pick of the surface until it bleeds and do it again when it grows back, I know its gross. Its not TOTALLY bad but will/may raise a few questions. I'm also worried about dry feet and toe nails.
  10. Hi thanks for answering, yes its a public pool. I do want go swimming. You folks may think this is a little immature but I wasn't asking out of worry but out of hope lol as I do like him
  11. READ THIS PAL I really understand how you feel fella. What's annoying is that this situation could be a result of two different things, 1. she isn't interested and the friend thing that came up could of just about happened to be a "BOY-FRIEND" in her "immature" eyes a better offer. Try not to always go with the worst option, this is easy to say than do right lol because things in life are sometimes good to be true and we learn from mistakes and earn from disappointment. 2. She likes ya with a green light and a wedding dress already picked out lol, one of two reasons for option 2 is something came up like she told you and is still dealing with it and just wait it out, true she should still let you know where you stand while she takes care of it but then again you don't know exactly what it is. Another thing she may be playing a" chase me boy" game hehe or things have been going great like you said BUT..... a little TOO great perhaps? I hope it works out
  12. If it was a date of course? anyway me and this guy who is 19 and autistic, like me. I am attracted to him and like him more than like him, I think he feels the same. BACKSTORY: We recently went for a drink in a pub in our town, he bought me two drinks and I paid for one round. He said a couple of times "I like hanging out, talking with you, its fun" he also asked me if I have a boyfriend. He told me that he thought I was rather pretty to him and he finds me attractive. These are good signs right? QUESTION asked me if I wanted to meet again, in a few weeks we're gonna go swimming. I'm just wondering like due to us being almost naked and in the water etc. Would the atmosphere or attitude be like that? I mean would there be something there like would going swimming have a certain feel to it like either sexy or uncomfortable, would it prompt words or actions?
  13. This guy has asked to meet up with me twice, he has suggested going for a drink in the past, I have now told him that I'm free from college and and asked what we should do. He said "what do you fancy?" I then said how about a drink and then a movie, to which he responded "Sounds good, I have a cinema discount so that's a possibility, anything you wanna see at the moment?" We may be going to see Pirates of the Caribbean and having an alcoholic drink first, just one of course, we're 19. Anyway if we are going to the movies out of curiosity, would that make a good date? as in how likely that something would happen whilst we would be sitting there, I guess I'm asking would he do "the move" lol? he's come behind me and hugged me in the past and he sometimes sends kisses in messages, do you folks think that this environment could lead to smooching?
  14. recently I told him that I was all done with college and he replied 5 hrs later at 1. am in the morning say "Great" I then said to him at 2 "What would you like to do?" today he replied saying "What do you fancy?! I the said I honestly don't know it was your idea. I don't want this to be a "I don't know you pick, no you pick" thing beacause I think that means he's losing interest and that arranging to meet up is such a hassle. What did his ! mean at the end? did it mean he was eager, happy, excited or was he saying hurry up and decide what to do as if he was fed up?
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