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  1. "coach" corey wayne, I don't perceive him as a relationship coach, but more of a vblogger who share his thoughts on how to become a better person. And Yes, after a rough breakup, you either find yourself and understand what you actually want, or you become stuck in a depressed state until the end.
  2. So my exgf left me within 10 days of knowing the new guy. We have broken up for 5 months now. In Sep 2017, she started warming up to me again, we met up, and it turned out that she got dumped by that guy many times within those 3 or 4 months. Anyhow, I learned from CCW, and noticed she was warming up with me again. So I asked her out on a Friday night, and we went from just having coffee at the cafe, to ending up in a hotel room after. She said she felt sorry for dumping me, but she kept on talking about that guy, all the details, so I told her to shut up and stop talking about him
  3. I should clarify that I planned to see my exgf first, then end the "date" early, so I leave to go meet up with a new girl right after. To anyone of you who has just been dumped by your ex because a new guy/girl is in the picture THIS is what happened After talking for an hour or so, My exgf told me she got dumped by her bf (she dumped me for him), I reacted indifferently. After that, she was expecting me to take the same train with her, we live in the same area. we were still chatting all the way to the gate for the train, and I abruptly told her I was meeting someone else, and
  4. Broke up with the 3.5-yr gf for 4 months now. For the last month, it was all her initiating contact, and every time I keep the conservation short and asked her for meeting up. At last, she gave me a tentative date to meet up. She couldn't confirm it, but the date was supposed to be 5 days later. During those 5 days, I didn't contact her in anyway, nor checked anything on the internet about her. I thought since she couldn't confirm the date, I would just forget it. So at around midnight, she texted me and said "what time are we meeting up tomorrow (today)?" I wasn't expecting she wou
  5. Hello OP, it's me again. Congraz to you btw. My ex also contacted me after 2 or 3 weeks of NC. I didn't bother to count anymore. She is yet feeding me breadcrumbs again, mentioning about the stuff that I like, ie. Cars, traveling, etc. I will see how it goes, but I have moved onto another girl now. It's like the old saying, "results came when you not care anymore."
  6. There are quite a lot of those online dating apps. Some are slightly better than others. Let's say you met and talked to a member of the opposite sex, how long would you wait until you meet them in person? (let's assume you aren't merely looking for sex partner, but just see if they could develop into genuine friendship/relationship? I know it would be mostly girls who would hesitate to meet up with guys, but how long would you keep getting rejected by the same person from meeting up before you stop trying? I have been trying to get this girl out, she would ask me to bring her on my lo
  7. My dumper ex called me within 20hours of me starting the NC back in early May. ( we had been messaging every hour since we started our relationship) Since then, she has fed me breadcrumbs, almost everyday. Each of those breadcrumb messages would mess up my minds. Now though, I am concentrating on other women, I am healing. It took a few new women to steer my mind off my ex. My ex is now going slightly desperate and send me references of our old relationship.
  8. Some members on here are quite bitter. Some of them are painfully single, and they wouldn't want someone who recently separated getting into new relationships quicker than them. Of course, most comments on here are actually genuine.
  9. Has you exgf posted anything about her new dating life? If yes, you can do the same. The main reason behind it is that, you would be of a stronger position if/after you get back with your exgf. You wouldn't want to look weak and show that you can only have her in your life. If she sensed that you can only have her in your life, then she wouldn't cherish you, she wouldn't treat you well, even after you got back with her. Personally, I wouldn't post anything online. It only create more uncertainty.
  10. It's one golden opportunity. If you are able to do (at least try your best to do) what I am saying below, you might be able to get her back: 1. When she reaches out, don't spend over 5 mins talking to her on the phone. From what you are describing, she is USING YOU as an emotional dumping ground, once you comfort her, she would move back to the new guy. 2. When she reaches out, try to make an excuse to ask her out. YOu need to meet up with her in person eventually, if you two were to come back together. 3. DO NOT initiate contact at all. 4. Do NOT browser her social media 5. ASk you m
  11. Hey OP, Why not deactivate all of your social media? or simply just don't go on social media. It would actually give you more free time to improve yourself. If your ex wanted you back, and saw you somehow disappeared off social media, she would contact you directly. If she contacts you directly, only then should you start think about what are her intentions. In other words, STOP feeding on social media for attention or for self-validation! There is no need to block her though, as blocking her means that you care about her. What you need to do during NC is be indifferent.
  12. OP, I was recently in your shoes. I understand how you feel. Initially, I support you to post pictures of your new girlfriend, since you said how compatible you are with her. however, on post #19, you said you only have been dating this new girl for 1 month. I bet you, all those "amazing compatibility" are just "sugar coating" of something you don't know too well yet. You could lose your new gf all of a sudden, AND PUSH your exgf further away (as if there was any chance to reconcile at all) IMO, you can post anything you want. There is no need to refrain yourself from using soci
  13. STOP CHECKING SOCIAL MEDIA! It is never a good thing to check their social media!
  14. You Being faithful doesn't your partner would do that same to you. I expereicned it a few times , and I still refused to accept that fact, so I kept on getting hurt.
  15. You guys are still the better off ones. 2 of my most recent exes both dumped me when they found a new guy, dated them, and then proceed to comfortably dumping me. My most recent ex still occasionally threw breadcrumbs at me, I guess she's just bored when her new bf is not around. Be strong, do whatever to make yourself recovery, don't force yourself to heal. Healing takes time.
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