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  1. This ^ She's 28 and still hasnt gotten her own place?! Oh heeell no! She's still a kid who has guys after her wanting sex and reads their texts in front of YOU? Lack of respect, dude! Plus she's showing jealousy. No, no and hell NO! If shes like this NOW; what'll she be like ten years down the road?
  2. I'm in a similar situation. I do all the texting, send pics and keep the conversation going while he replies with oneliners or one word. Yet he was the one who initiated contact, sat out my door freezing waiting for me when he couldnt get a hold of me and have moved right across the street from me. He also remembers the smallest details from long ago about what I like or have said. I'm as you- Confused. There is an ex involved in his life aswell. She has moved to another city now but something's off. And seeing each other once a week doesnt cut it for me so I've stopped talking to him just
  3. Okay so basically noone took the time to read and UNDERSTAND what I wrote at all, yet you replied. Why? I've seen this alot at this forum, people not reading through and GETTING whats being written. 1. I HAVE been to therapy, there is nothing wrong with me according to the therapists I've been to and I have seen MANY, there are no more to see around here. I have also had two big exams with MRI scan of the brain and a check for all diagnoses there is and I came out with nothing. Psychiatry cant do anything else for me or solve this dilemma. Thats why i'm writing HERE. Do you understand?
  4. Yeah, this ^ Basically she's hitting on other guys right in front of you and she's aware of it, no matter what she says. I'd dump her like a hot stone and as long as she wants you back and you hesitate- YOU'RE in control, so keep it that way, do NOT take her back! She'll be crawling bc you hurt her ego and as above stated, now she has to get you back.
  5. Hey fellow forumers! So I have a problem. I grew up with an autistic mother, not diagnosed but theres no doubt she's autistic. High functioning but still, autistic. Since my early teens I have encountered one autistic guy after another and I always obsess over them. Not other guys, them I can easily let go of, but the autistic ones always gets on my mind and I cannot let go of thinking about how they function or why they do this or that, until I have answers. I obsessed over my exes, whom I ended it with so it's not a love thing, I had no feelings for them but obsessed in thinking about
  6. As the other say you were each others rebounds but theres something more to it. I've seen this behaviour before, a man using something the woman did as an excuse to get out bc he found someone better looking and dont want to dump the woman bc there may be tears. He seems extremely cold to get with one and then another. And as soon as he finds someone better than this one, he'll dump her aswell. Normal people dont do this, they have a heart. He sounds like a psycho to me. Beware whom you give your heart, gurl! Beware! Some actually enjoy treading on it.
  7. Yeah, unfortunally this. Sucks that you never get to know why he didnt like you tho. But never sleep with guys so soon even if the vibe is right, he could be one of those who thinks you're easy and does this with just everyone so it wasd a one time thing for him bc of that.
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking since it cant be that he's ashamed of her since he's let her meet the other friends. He did something while knowing them that he's ashamed of and doesnt want her to know. Maybe he was a big time player in college? If he was bullied, it'd come out since when a guy cares for a girl, he tells her about his weak moments. Love to find out how this one goes..
  9. This^ Tell her the truth. 3 months is nothing, the heartache she'll get now compared to a year from now, is nothing.
  10. This guy shouldn't be in a relatonship at all, he should work on his selfesteem and put himself together before he even thinks about a relationship. ..Sorry. :/
  11. Oh I hear ya, gurl. The minute I knew, It was bye-bye in my heart. I'm not no n second runner up, I'm number one or nothing at all. However I think it's impotant that we don't blame them for it. I've been in his position and you're not aware of that you're searching for a consolation price so you're not doing it to be mean. They just havent gotten to that level of insight yet.
  12. Thats exactly what I did and found out it ended in november and a month after he contacted me. Hes not realising himself that hes looking for a replacement. I've gotten out but damn.He broke my already badly beaten up heart. What other signs are there? This is great to know for another time. So far: Clingy, anxious, this one didnt talk about his ex until i asked, emotionally off he's always been due to autism.. Gimme, gimme MORE!
  13. I did. He said he didnt intend for it to go this far, that he only had planned on trying to take up the contact with me which he didnät think I'd go for anyway and that it surprised him that I actualy replied, but not go further than that and that it just ended up this way, with cuddle dates. But, it doesnt matter. I figured it our for him; he's subconsciously trying to replace his last love and I dont wanna be second runner up so it's over. He did break my heart, though.
  14. I will. And there are no therapists around here that does that as I said in the prevous thread so let this go now, Holly. It's over with this guy. I'm free.
  15. Holly: First of all We havent slept together. Second of all was it really neccessary of you to do this in front ft everybody on the forum? You seem kind of cold and a bit mean in your posts and I don't appretiate it. Third, let it go? It happened not even 24 hours ago so it's completely fresh. I've sen others go on about very ol things on here and not have you putting them down in front of other on here like youäre doing to me. Do you lack empathy and understanding of other peoples pain? But to adress this now, I figured it out. I forgot to mention I dug around yesterday and he told me he c
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