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  1. Male point of view...I'm a girl LOL. I mentioned this to you in page 4 of this thread lol. I've put it on my profile now to avoid confusion. Thank you. I am going a bit insane. I have no desire to respond to the last thing she said, or to start up conversation again. I have nothing to say to her, tbh. So yeah, I guess that's it until she texts again for something random. Something she can ask anyone else in the world - which is more appropriate than her most recent ex.
  2. UPDATE: Her reply, 24 hours after what I said: Okay. Thanks for the reply. I guess I just don't really know what to tell a friend who's going through a hard time with a guy she's been with for a couple years, and I felt there were some similarities but wasn't sure what to make of everything. Anyway, I appreciate you telling me how you felt. Me: Personally, I think that if you even have to question whether it is unhealthy, it probably is. However, I do think that most things are fixable, depending if they both want to work on it. Her: Yeah, that's a fair point Conversation done. If there really is a friend, I don't know how I helped. "Wasn't sure what to make of everything?" She should since she ended things. ---- SweetGirl28 - Why wonder about the relationship she ended 10 months ago? She's 24 btw. Wiseman2 - I'm not going to deny the fact that you're absolutely right. It's just very hard for me right now to block and delete. It would be easier if she just stopped talking to me.
  3. I was very tempted to bring up the fact that she broke up with me and therefore it was unhealthy. But my response was ""Not manipulative, but I know you felt it was unhealthy. I think there were unhealthy aspects." That was my polite attempt to throw it back to her because she should know it was unhealthy because she broke it off. She still hasn't responded 8 hours later. I don't know if it's supposed to just end there. How does that question help her "friend"?
  4. LOL why ask if the relationship was unhealthy if she was the one who broke it off? I know you guys are saying that I should block, but I kinda sorta want her back. It's been 10 months since the breakup and I still feel this way.
  5. 1. Do you think it's the same question she wanted to ask weeks ago (my original post of this thread)? 2. So I'm guessing you think there's no "friend" she's asking for? 3. Funny you said she'll peace out again. I responded with "Not manipulative, but I know you felt it was unhealthy. I think there were unhealthy aspects." She hasn't responded in hourssss.
  6. Could you explain why the texts were unhealthy and manipulative themselves? Sorry to ask, but my mind is just so clouded right now with this. I don't seem to know why those texts would be labelled as such.
  7. ^^^I tried researching it. Got to the 3rd page and still got nothing about a site you're talking about. UPDATE She texted again. Her: Can I ask you something? You don't have to answer it, I'll completely understand if you don't want to. I'm not trying to bring up old stuff, I'm just asking because of something going on in my friend's life. Btw, I hope all is going well :) Me: Sure, what's up? Her: Again, I just want to emphasize that I'll totally understand if you don't want to answer this, especially if it is hurtful for you to answer it. I'm really not trying to dig up old dirt or anything. I'm just trying to understand what's going on with a friend I'm really worried about. Did you ever feel in any way that our relationship was unhealthy or manipulative? If our relationship was healthy, why the heck did we break up in the first place? What is going on with this girl?
  8. My approach was to just get on with my life not having to hear from her anymore. She totally messed that up.
  9. I should probably say...I'm a girl and my ex is also a girl lol
  10. Thank you! I just keep thinking "why do people have to hurt others like that?" Haha, if only it were that easy to "give someone new a chance". It's pretty hard to find a connection. You're right though.
  11. I don't like the games either but she hurt me badly and I just want to show that I'm strong. I know, I know, I'm not strong since I'm letting this get to me. It's funny though because that day, I woke up feeling like if I never heard from her again, I would be ok. That I don't need to hear from her again. It was a huge step in healing. Then this happened later on that day... She broke up with me months ago because she thought she was better than me. We were together for 3 years. I was pretty much a bum for the first 2 years of our relationship (I still paid for 90% of things though) and started getting myself together in the last year we were together. I had gone back to school and got a nice job, etc. But she said it was "too late". She also had a big problem of me being a meat-eater and she's vegetarian. Since the breakup, I continued school, got a better job, got a lot of new friends, picked up a new hobby, etc. Before this question arises, I just want to clear this up: There was NO cheating that happened. Also, there is NO way for her to know my progress. She's not in any contact with people I know and I don't have her in any of my social media which are also private accounts.
  12. Haha, would you be able to link the article? I wonder how I was supposed to act lol Yes I want her to want me back but not through these games. :(
  13. It could be. Like I said, she's would never outright say this but it's just so...mysterious. Annoyingly so.
  14. I want her to want me back. I'm afraid that if I ask her that outright, it would scare her off. I'm frustrated because love shouldn't be this hard.
  15. How would you know if someone really wanted you back though? My ex is very stubborn and full of pride. I don't think she would outright say it.
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