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  1. Bro you'll never get the truth out of her. If anything she will down play it. My personal opinion you need to get as far away from her as you can. She already started this relationship out with lies and deception. She apparently is the type of girl who cheats and thinks it's okay and makes nothing but excuses up for it, it will be a matter of time before she does it again. And I doubt the ex thing will end anytime soon. Good luck to you.
  2. Man I would run not walk away from that dude. If he acts like that over something so stupid I wonder what he would do to you over something more serious. He sounds controlling and that could lead to physical abuse. Your best bet it to forget this man exist and move on!!
  3. Do not trust that bs story!!! Go with your gut instinct it's probably right. I think the measures you took were valid and right. Good job...
  4. You don't need a over weight man with bad hair that's unheard off. You get off that couch and find you a honest man with a fit body and awesome hair. Good luck to you
  5. You must be a very beautiful girl and maybe that's his way of bragging. Does that make it right HECK NO. He should respect your feeling and the sanctity of marriage. I would never share pics of my wife with anyone. Your suppose to be for his eyes only. I would definitely file for a divorce if this does not stop immediately.
  6. Sister it's time to move on and find you a man that will respond to you.
  7. Don't worry you'll find your fit. Some men like passive ladies and some don't. You just haven't found the one yet. Hang in there you will
  8. That's messed up. How hard is it to tell someone your done!!
  9. Well at this point move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea
  10. I was reading the other post about his wife flirting with another man in the club. That's totally inexcusable behavior. That's why I'm leaning more toward her wanting to be with other men. If I was him I would sit her down and just tell her to shoot me straight. Do you want other men or me?? Cause something I'd deff wrong here.
  11. I completely agree with you. She's using the child as an excuse.
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