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  1. she found out from a girl she was staying with who talked to the guy, he said he did use protection. Im thinking about driving the 8 hours up there this weekend and kicking some ass...anyway yeah, she apparentley didnt know, but i agree, alcohol is the biggest truth syrup, so I dont know
  2. Yeah, this is the first time this has happened. So I'm not sure how to react to the whole situation.
  3. Okay, well she sent me some long emails this morning. She tried to explain she never meant to be in that spot, and how sorry she is and how she would do anything for me not to leave her. She said that she had no idea they were goin to a frat party before she started drinking and wouldnt have gone or just not drank if she had known. I had always told her never go to frats and if you do you better not drink because this is the stuff that happens. It is her fault to dance with a bunch of other guys, dont know if the sex is. But if you get that drunk where you don't remember and you had sex to cheat on your boyfriend...I dont know really stuck on what to decide here still
  4. Yeah, well only she can charge him. But I still say she knew enough to not cheat on someone she really loves. I don't know what to do. I'm torn. I love her to death and know she loves me, but this just hurts so bad.
  5. Okay, I am a sophomore in college. I've been dating my girlfriend for about a year. Shes still a seniore in HS. Anyway, Im a typical college student, I usually drink once a weekend. But I am smart enough to never get with another girl or even think about because I love her and have planned on marrying her. Anyway, she goes on a recruit trip to University of Michigan this past weekend, and gets completely plastered at a frat and wakes up with her pants off. Come to find out later, she had sex with another man. She doesnt remember anything, couldve been awake, couldve been passed out and raped? My guess is a guy wouldnt say he'd done it if it was rape, so even though she was drunk she may have consented, she has no idea. I love her and want to forgive, it still hurts to think of her with another man though. I want to stay with her and forget it, what should I do?
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