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  1. Alright thank you everyone, you’re all right and I’m wrong. I’ll take your advice and handle this the proper way.
  2. Hello, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year and a half starting since 2018 and things are all good. Ive been traveling for work for the past two years all over the US with a show and we did well for long distance while I traveled that second year on my tour. Now I’m overseas in England and Europe for the next three months and I’m feeling some type of way. I have had a female pen pal from Germany/Europe that I met back in 2014-2015 and we sorta dated back then(light kissing, no sex, kinda innocent back then). We’ve on and off kept contact -keeping a positive rapport. As I a
  3. So basically to keep the story short, one time I had sex with a friend of mine at a hotel I was staying at under the influence of alcohol after a party in my room after everyone left that night. We fell asleep, woke up and had breakfast in the morning and then I said goodbye as I left after food to travel back for work, which my job makes me travel all around the US in a tour. We’ve been friends all of college and hung out A few times after “that night” and things have been cool, but we’ve never spoke about it. I think part of the reason “I” never brought it up or pursued it further was be
  4. —- Idk about September, maybe there was an old post I was asking advice about someone else... cause with THIS woman she left me first in December 2016, finally called me back in July 2017 and is now not answering currently today In late November 2017... Sorry if there was confusion I re read the post and couldn’t that error. Also idk how to re edit my posts after I post them to fix typos lol
  5. —- Sorry I had some typos and idk how re edit my post. I mean I wrote about another person in the past on this platform, though In this post I’m only talking about one woman. She left back in December 2016- contacted me in July 2017 and now has not reached out to me in November 2017. I hear ya though, so if does say something too late I should ignore it back right? Thanks for your feedback.
  6. I’ll bullet this love story, to try make it shorter and easier to answer -Met this girl in college she had boyfriend - Did Yoga together, saw each other once in while and stayed friendly - Eventually after college, she left her boyfriend and started working at the store across from me at the mall - Our friendship changed to more flirting and talking about getting together for dates - Went out 2-3 different times on date/ yoga dates. Eventually on our last meet up we saw a movie, smoked pot and started to get heated. Her mother was dying of cancer at the time and she was leaving to go
  7. So I met this girl on a dating app and she gave me her number. We FaceTimed for over 2 months waiting to meet each other as I am on tour so I travel city To city. She knew I was eventually coming to her city and wanted to meet me. She bailed In one close by city and told me to come to a closer one and she'd show me a lot, dates, fun times, sweethearts/hunnies/darlins' yadda yadda. The second I in arrived town she got a flat tire so she couldn't meet for dinner that night. Said to come to her work one of three different days with people, though my roommate would only go if I met her on a da
  8. I'm on a touring circus job and became friendly with one of the hotel clerk staff in our two month stay at a Hotel in FL. It started off as friends, then I got her number and found out she had a boyfriend. Flash forward to us talking casual more and eventually going to the beach together with two of my crewmates- had a great day, almost kissed at the end of the night but she pulled back and said she knew something like this would happen if she came out with us, but wasn't offended by it and still wanted to talk to me. That was on a Sunday and then that next Friday we went to see the new Pirate
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