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  1. Honestly, she sounds incredibly manipulative :/ Kissing someone, telling them you love them, and then telling them about their feelings for someone else, while blaming them for it. Who does that? I know you have deep feelings for her and that this must be incredibly painful (I've been there before and wanted to die as well) but, looking in from the outside, I want you to know she's not the one. You can do so much better, and like saluk said, your finest moment has yet to come, once you've pulled yourself out of this situation. Again, I've been there. I thought I'd never be okay again, but I di
  2. Still not interested and still disagree. Thanks.
  3. My mother did not jump from one dysfunctional relationship into another, no idea where you got that from. I mentioned nothing about the years or relationships in between. Further, her relationships had little to do with codependency - I even mentioned abuse from her first marriage, and a lot of fear was obviously involved. The current has to do with the kids (the image of a successful marriage they give off), like I mentioned, and not each other. Religion is involved as well, where divorce is sinful and arranged marriages are the way, not to mention PTSD from the past, but I don’t have to go t
  4. Wow. That is not at all what happened with my mother. Let's keep things respectful here. Yikes, is all I can say in response to this.
  5. That's a good point. Especially with how he's acting like nothing happened and you basically felt used last time you saw him, seems like he doesn't care too much. I'd honestly just ghost him at this point. See how he likes it.
  6. I disagree. I dated guys locally and then one day met someone on my photography blog with whom I had way too many mutual hobbies, etc. We broke up after a few years, but regardless, the LDR didn't have anything to do with ulterior motives or troubles connecting to people in real life. To OP: Like others said, it's only been 3 weeks. He may seem like your other half, but it's just not possible to even know him at this early point. Focus on your studies and do your best to not stress so much over this too :)
  7. Yeah, you can't do anything about his crush on you. I would keep it cool for now, like if he thought this was fine and does it again, saying, "okay for real, you know how much I love /blank/! You can't help his creepiness either, but you can always choose to not react to it. No need to make this a huge scene, but it's important to make it clear to the best friend that you really love and care for your boyfriend and therefore basically have eyes only for him. If he doesn't respect that even after you're clear about it, than I'd bring up how you really don't want your boyfriend to be weirded out
  8. Yeah. If you're sure you've actually fallen for the woman like you say in the thread title, then I definitely recommend leaving, especially if this woman is more appealing than resolving the marital issues. I would wait a while time for your emotions to settle down (like you said, you could be clouded by early romance right now) and then think about this with a more calm mind. However, the fact that you're even considering leaving your wife over an early romance - that just speaks volumes to me, as if this new woman isn't what suddenly changed you, that if anything, she just highlighted your p
  9. Yes, always keep that in mind! You felt so bad after this last time of possibly being used just for sex, when really you're so much better than that. Meanwhile, he's acting like everything's fine. It's not. You can do way better. After getting closure, time to close this book.
  10. Well said, I agree. Everyone's different, and maybe I do have some deep insecurity about being just by myself for extended periods of time, I'm not sure. But yeah, letting go is always tough.
  11. Honestly, what's done is done. You can't go back in time and un-cheat, is what I mean. You fell for this other woman, and whether she's worth it or not, or even if it's meaningful love or not, you describe this as a horrible situation so it's bad enough that you're actually contemplating on what to do. I'm glad you at least feel enough "guilt" or whatever that you're here at least asking for advice. You're not a monster for this, things happen. I'm not saying what you did is fine, but you already know that. My own parents' relationship was somewhat like this. My dad left while she was pregnant
  12. Yeah... Xanax was too good for me. I started taking it when I didn't really need to and ended up throwing up so much one time - luckily that scared me enough to not get addicted and I stopped using it. Well, unfortunately I'm still searching for answers to help control or quiet down my anxiety, as nothing else has really helped. But yep, be careful with these kinds of drugs, everyone. Will be reading these too for tips :)
  13. Just adding this in :) I hate being alone, too. I know many others that do as well. For me, being alone/loneliness is also a fear, not just a dislike, as I don't enjoy it at all. I can handle spending some time by myself, such as bike rides by the river for a while. However, my energy will always drain over time and I'll eventually become depressive until I see someone I care about - then it will feel like a good recharge. I like myself, but will never prefer to be alone. I think it's a classic trait of being an extrovert, though I'm sure there are many other reasonings outside of that.
  14. Thank you so much for sharing this, Katrina. I can relate to a lot of this, emotion-wise, and have been struggling with knowing I want to and should feel more but trying to settle with what I have. It's like you read my mind somehow. I don't have much to add here as I've never experienced something like being engaged etc., but know you're not alone, OP :) All I can say is, like Katrina has, I have recently experienced real passion for the first time, and never would have known I was actually capable of feeling like that until I felt like that. I legitimately believed I would simply never be
  15. I know what you mean about the culture thing. I'm not from the States and well... sounds embarrassing now but after the second time I was with my crush, I really did have a breakdown at home later because I couldn't understand why he hadn't asked me to be his girlfriend. Lmao, I know. And worst of all, this was only a few months ago. I've already grown a lot since that time. I just think these things don't have much to do with age, but with (lack of) experience, as well as some cultural differences. In my culture, you don't even really date much, you quickly get married, so that's why I didn't
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