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  1. I did ask him what he meant by that - he said he will call me after he finish work. I think you guys are right - he doe just want me just for sex and yes me not seeing other guys but he doesn't want to take the responsibility of been my BF - he want to see me when it suits him without any emotional connection and commitment. So I have decided to cut him lose - I can't go throw this again. I don't know why I only attract guys who only want sex from me.
  2. yeah I wouldn't have mind a relationship with him but he is already changing so I don't know
  3. I can still ask him - as it was by messaging and I have no reply yet But I don't know how to response to message now -because before I said to him you changed towards me lately And in the same sense he says -- "I might have change how I cantact you but my feelings have not changed" So these messages seem deep at the same time misleading and meaningless.
  4. There was this guy who has been interested in me for awhile- but I was not much interested in him because I had feelings and obsessing over another due - we slept together months ago - we didn't really date at all - we start seeing each more regularly this months but last week and this week he changed - stop contacting me less. So yesterday we had bit of chat - And because I don't want to make the same mistake I did before by falling for someone who I don't know where I stand with I asked him directly what he wants from me and he said "I want you" I have no idea what he means by
  5. Yes I have realised my obsession is not healthy and since I came here - I have minimised it - he has been initiating all contacts. I had interview on Friday which was successful (I got the job)☺️ He was very supportive and happy for me and said how proud he was of me. And now I've realised - yes him and I will never been couple -I also realised I rather him have in my life as a friend but not a lover. If he wants to sleep with me I will just say no - I said no before and we still remained friends - And I know he will respect my decision and not push for FWB anymore. And I've also dec
  6. I think you should consider dating younger guys - not all of them are scared of having children or even getting married - some even prefer older ladies - because they are mature and know what they want. I have told many times by younger guys that they prefer older woman - and to be honest with 33 is not even old. So I think you should stop being hard on yourself and keep your options open - don't write anyone off regarding age. Oh my friend from college- is married to a man 7 years older - she is same age as you and they got Married and have a baby on the way.
  7. That's so true you know - it's so easy to say than doing in reality. He is a good man in so many ways but also selfish - he knows I am in love with him and cherish our friendship but at times he takes the piss with me because he knows how much he means to me and I would always forgive him regardless whatever he does and this is the reason why I wanna become indifferent to him- I might not remove him completely out of my life but I do want to get over my obsession with him and asking strangers on the internet is helping me towards that πŸ‘
  8. Awww thanks for sharing- that's so touching.
  9. Cheaters always accuse πŸ™„Poor you- that must have been hurtful to hear. I am sorry - just ask her outright if she is still sleeping with him? But I think it is obvious she is. Or maybe still has very strong feelings for him
  10. I haven't messaged him since Monday and today I got messaged from him - he started with "hey stranger" I think he is surprised I haven't been contacting him as usual. I acted normal - he asked if I find a new job etc. Honestly it hasn't been so hard to avoid him but I think saying no to him if he ask to see me will be the challenge. πŸ˜”
  11. Thanks again - I appreciate that. Since I've posted here - I've cut down my contact with him, I messaged him once and when he replied I didn't bother carrying on the conversation. Normally we talk through out the day and until one of falls asleep and we pick up in the morning where we left off but I didn't entertain further conversation with him yesterday. And it feels kinda good - so hopefully I will reach a stage of indifference towards him soon x
  12. To me it means - the relationship wouldn't have ended if you were not cheater and mean. And she seems hurt that you cheated and were mean towards her. Does she still want to be with you - after knowing you're a cheater and mean - I don't know, I think it's best you ask her.
  13. Could you not message him on different number- one last time - I don't know your whole story - so I don't know if he is just upset with you because something you done and you wanna apologise. One time - a guy blocked me on everything because I said to him a lot of mean things - where he got really upset and blocked me - so I messaged him on another number and I apologised, at first he didn't accept but second time he did. But I always gave a week in between fo him to cool off when I send the second message and he unblocked me. Like I said I don't know what has gone between you guys
  14. Thanks for your great reply, It's so hard to imagine not talking to him, I share everything with him, every time I get call for interview he is the first person I tell πŸ˜”I know it sounds so pathetic and it is. But that's my reality. I don't even think blocking him it's necessary, I think if I just stop contacting him he will just fadeaway. He is very popular and has many friends and great family so sometimes I think he just seems me as burden. I asked him before during argument if he wanted me to leave him alone and he said "of course not, but the arguments needs to stop" Which is und
  15. I got dismissed for gross misconduct because I had an argument with a supervisor who was really horrible towards me for the year I was there -I was verbally abusive towards her on that day and because it's a grocery store and it happened on the shop floor they consider that as "brandy damaging" - so she suspended me and then I got the sack on the disciplinary meeting.
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