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  1. My mother is back home in Africa. Here I am with my step mom , I have started looking for a therapist and I am in the process of getting one . And yes I currently stay on my own and I plan on continue to keep that distance
  2. I am a 23 year old female . I grew up within the African culture where spanking your child is okay , you got spanked at school at home so that was the norm. Moving to US was different , and I have always felt ok with being disciplined if I had done something wrong but I feel like there is things that are too far . While in highschool I was in the soccer team , both of my parents were very overprotective, I couldn’t really do anything hangout with friends , i had to lie even when I was going to hangout with my best friend sometimes. One time after school I had forgotten to mention that I had s
  3. This is great advice!! Thank you , it is dawning on me that I am the one who has accepted it as okay and chose to stay , and I should just end it
  4. I am not one to post my relationship on social media, it was just a bit weird he didn’t want to add me on Facebook, and yes I asked him about it and he got upset so I have never really approached the issue again but I will bring it up again
  5. He stays with his family friend and yes I have been the house and hanged out there
  6. I was saying that I’ve come to realize it’s just more than social media , you are right he is hiding me from his family , coworkers so it is a little suspicious. It did t worry me at the beginning because it was just the beginning of the relationship but now we are heading to almost two years and it is bothering me a lot more
  7. This is great advice! And yes my concerns seem to be more than just social media but a lot more other thing
  8. His content is limited to only friends
  9. Yes he does take me out , since my post from years ago , he has moved to the state I’m in , and we have gone out on multiple dates
  10. I have been to his work place to bring him lunch , he has other friends but this one friend is someone he stays with so that’s why I have met him more times than his other friends
  11. I was never bothered by the whole Facebook thing because he had proved to me in other ways that he isn’t hiding something . He moved to the state I’m in to be closer to me. But I do see what you mean about me being a secret
  12. He is here permanently, he used to stay in a different state when we first met and he moved to the state that I am in . We do things that people would do when in a relationship, we celebrate anniversaries, go out on dates and he does claim me as his girlfriend . His siblings don’t stay in same state so I have never really met them .The rest of his family is outside of the country . About his coworkers he says he doesn’t really like his job so he doesn’t hang out with them , so I have never met his coworkers either
  13. Yes this is the same guy from the LDR . Yes I know where he stays , where he works , I know his friend and his family, but I have never met his family . We are both from a different country outside of the US so I have never been to his hometown .
  14. We are both from a different country , most of his family stays outside of US. But his siblings are in the US . I have only met one of his friends , because that is the guy that introduced us , I do not see his friends that often
  15. I asked him about it once and he got really upset and I never asked him again. The odd thing is he was willing to accept a friend of mine on Facebook but not me
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