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  1. Are you still engaged and straight?
  2. Why is it even important to you what he thinks? Think for yourself or get used to being a doormat.
  3. What is the definition of shallow anyway? I'm probably very shallow if it means being physically attracted to my SO. But then, I don't concern myself with other's opinions of how I am. I say keep on dating this woman. Could be that you will stumble upon some mutual interests or maybe she's a little guarded for some reason. Certainly, if you meet someone else, go for it but until then I say there's nothing wrong continuing to date this boring woman.
  4. Could be troubling to him that at 30 you already have a divorce under your belt. I mean, are you looking for an excuse to not date the guy? Personally, I would think nothing of it except I tend to look at it in a positive light. In the end, you two end up at the same place except he has never been divorced or spent years in a relationship that failed.
  5. I have friends that met on the job. He was in the "forbidden" supervisory role over her. They will be celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary this year. Common sense applies in all relationships regardless of where you meet.
  6. Well thanks, I hesitate to even mention things but...I guess the thread title got me thinking a bit. Heartaches and breaks come in several forms for sure. There were days for sure that I thought that I would never love anyone again...I can relate to those that have lost loves by breakups as I imagine the loss feels similar...maybe just less finite. But honestly, I am very happy these days. There was a bit of guilt at first when I started dating again but as time went by I realized that I had a choice to be a hermit or monk or realize that she would want me to be happy. About a year ago
  7. This is the song that wrecks me most. It's been 4 years now since I lost my fiance in a car accident. I was in Afghanistan when I got the news. I stayed drunk for a solid month but I finally picked myself back up. I felt like this song was written for me. Now, I'm happy again and in a relationship with the perfect woman. It's hard to imagine finding perfection once much less but twice I am one lucky SOB... Grace is Gone by Dave Matthews Neon shines through smokey eyes tonight It's 2 a.m. I'm drunk again And it's heavy on my mind I could never love again So much as I love you Whe
  8. Oh, I completely understand the "purpose" but good luck with that. I still imagine the comments will be there. In my relationship, we joked more about it than anyone else ever did. It's like being a same sex couple in a sense. You can try to isolate yourself from opposite sex couples but to what end? At some point it becomes a sensitivity problem that you have and if you learn to either give it right back or ignore comments, life is going to by simpler.
  9. I have heard Damien Rice but I haven't heard Ray do it.
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